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Writing the blog post on improving employee experience leveraging Alexa voice and SMS ; a realization dawned on me. The Best Run SAP and a massive % ( >60%+) of business transactions are powered by SAP. How about , then , showcasing an "on-the-go" core SAP ERP business transaction powered by voice and SMS?

And, I only had to dip into my repository of solution demo's to pick one such to share.

This demo was created as part of the 2014 TechED Berlin showcase of our (SAP Digital Interconnect's) new communication services capabilities that extended our strengths in global interconnect into multi-channel interactions – making SAP Digital Interconnect ( previously SAP Mobile Services) the glue providing last mile connectivity between SAP applications and end users

For our demo, we focused on an SAP simplified financial payable problem. The objective being to deliver cycle time efficiency as well as tangible monetary benefit (in this case avoiding delayed payment penalties) in an invoice approvals process. An invoice approval use case also fit the bill for voice and SMS due to the following reasons

  1. Significant interface with 3rd party for verifications and clarifications

  2. Time sensitivity

  3. Higher compliance need. So any voice / SMS interaction should also be available as audit records.

The overall solution flow is captured below. The key persona are the AP manager and the vendor submitting the invoice

Although we did a live showcase at the 2014 TechEd Berlin ; you will find an SAP internal video recording of the POC here :


The POC solution was enabled in collaboration with some amazing SAP Dev Architects - a shout out to Santosh Addanki (santosh.kumar.addanki@sap.com); Prakash Ponshankaar(prakash.ponshankaarchinnusamy@sap.com) and Stephen Kwan ( stephen.kwan@sap.com)  - and powered by the following components :

  1. Intelligence and SMS was powered by SAP Digital Interconnect

  2. Voice scripting and voice calling enabled by an off-the-shelf API

  3. SAP Simplified Financials demo instance

  4. SAP Cloud Platform ( then HCP) to host public end-points for XSJS scripts that managed the transaction

  5. SAP Cloud Connector to establish connectivity between an on-prem SAP Simplified Financials instance and SAP Cloud Platform ( HCP)

Reach out to us

As always, these blogs are to elicit thoughts and feedbacks. To know more about this capability or the overall solution, please feel free to reach out to me or one of my colleagues at SAP Digital Interconnect.