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Disruption in wholesale industries appears like a Tsunami and so there is a pressure to rethink current business models due to dramatically losing market share against unexpected strong competitors like Amazon Business and Alibaba.

As traditional wholesale business is known as a more conservative business, there is a need to get fresh ideas in order to go into new promising directions.

Digitization, Digitalization, Digital Transformation…at any conference worldwide Digitalization is a must have on the agenda and in discussion. Even people who have no IT affinity cannot ignore if they think about future of work, future economy, future society or future life.

Thinking on future, we understand nothing will run the way it did for years, but we have the chance to take influence now on how it will run. As technology has the main impact on change and the lifecycle of technologies is getting shorter and shorter, we understand that business dynamics will be faster than ever before. Wholesalers are aware of new technologies however as of today they have to find out how technologies really help to create new successful business models.

Coopetition and collaboration are the magic formulars of change. There is no challenge which cannot be solved in a fast and agile way if there is an appropriate mixture of industry knowledge, business and scientific insights, process and technology know how provided by a multi-generational team with a high degree of individual responsibility and self-management and a startup mentality.

The innovation of intelligent solutions in wholesale companies has already started. SAP experts from various business units assigned to the Digital Transformation and Innovation Campus, located at SAP St. Ingbert, are aiming to help as ONE SAP their wholesale customers worldwide to understand and leverage new technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and others, and build great business value. The Digital Transformation and Innovation Campus is the answer to today’s disruptive time. It is based on a strong relationship to IT and business administration faculties of eight universities in the surrounding of the location St. Ingbert, including France and Luxembourg. A number of researchers, scientists and professors are members of the Digital Transformation and Innovation Campus willing to collaborate with SAP experts and Young talents with a digital DNA on customer co-innovation.

With a high degree of self-consciousness and self-management based on a pragmatic organization and working model, the team of the Digital Transformation and Innovation Campus will be able to utilize new technologies to create successful intelligent business solutions for wholesale distributors. It looks like it is the best way for all stakeholders to get familiar with the skills needed in such disruptive times at that kind of flexible, powerful and intrinsic motivated teams.