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Dawn doesn't drown so quickly. But why did it so now? Few months ago it was so nice flying high and lying low with three birds Shankar N Subramanian; Sarath Raj and Sujay P M. While enjoying the flight, in a span of 4-5 months, these birds suddenly nosedived one by one from the flock of SAP Consulting leaving a thump on the ground, heavy and hard, once for all.

Shankar N Subramanian was a cuckoo when he had the passion to sing, was a Pelican when he had to lead from front of the V shape to protect his team and at the right opportunity give one by one to be on the front to face realities. His art of balancing of a people's mindset vs business's mindset was a blend that served a purpose. There is a big difference between Consulting and implementing. Consulting is all about questioning, challenging status quo, driving innovation and thereby producing value to customers. It is beyond a mere implementation of what's there in the product. Shankar had led large set of birds in SAP Logistics & Supply Chain (PS, PP, PM, CPM, SCM, SD, MM, EWM..) in the APJ region that stands tall even now to differentiate how #consulting can create the difference to its customers.

Sarath Raj was a honey bee that chased the distant journey despite the place is dry or wet, to bring the nectar back home. His contribution to carry the speciality SAP workflows designed by him across top customers and tough implementations are cherished by customers. In every customer place he had participated, he had an eagle's eye to the problem that often translates into the best of the SAP HCM techno-functional solutions on the system. When ideas stalemate with a bottleneck, he spots new ways to find workable solution and thereby maintaining his #culture of never let his peer down coming in search of answers.

Sujay P M is a Macaw who is friendly to anyone around. His heart works like a Parrot echoing the mind of the customer's problem. He can never let go the problem unsolved in his area or anywhere else that integrates his solutions. Like a peacock he can show great colors of expertise in SAP be it in PS, PP or its integrating areas in FM, CPM, MM, SD, FICO, HCM. It is so difficult to say which module expert was he from, as he always thinks for end to end process outcomes to customers and not stay in the boundary limitations of a given module. His love for work, people, #customervalue is phenomenal and unmatched. Rare is a gem who doesn't mind sharing the difficult of skills to anyone needs around. That's why people sought to him for help and he gives responses from Sujay GPT everytime.

It was so nice flying with all these three birds, who had mysteriously flown very high and never came back, leaving the feathers down. Have been fortunate to have worked with them. Be it the balancing art of Shankar, ownership attitude of never give up by Sarath and live in the customer's dream trait of Sujay, have learnt great things from them. Knowingly or unknowingly part, we acquire great traits through such people. They are great drops in an ocean that makes the water remain good. Thanks to them for soul treating us as humans as well as in the paradise of #Digital Transformation.

Consulting is all about its highs and lows. But it never looked difficult when people shoulder each other and respect the shouldering despite who we are. These three birds demonstrated it and thereby have enabled to realize many large SAP Digital Transformation programs successful though it looked impossible in various stages of its journey. They were not mere employees, but value creators whose work has turned stones to Diamonds. We all know that what these birds have done is no small feet, and therefore encourage you to reflect your experiences with them in the comments section.

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