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Protect Data and Grow the Business

Part 4 of a 5-part Series

Businesses that support collaboration beyond their boundaries benefit greatly from improved innovation and productivity. But how do they enable their employees and partners to access and share enterprise data without compromising security? How can they work closely with partners and an extended supplier network to design and manufacture best-in-class products? And given GDPR, how do they remain compliant?

A successful collaboration depends on the ability to share information quickly and easily with third-party companies, working across organizational and geographical boundaries. However, it is vital to balance the need to provide business partners with ready access to enterprise data while safeguarding valuable intellectual property, and sensitive corporate information. In addition, they must meet many industry- and country-specific compliance requirements – including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for managing personal data.

Data processors and controllers are both responsible for GDPR requirements for personal data, wherever that data may be in their business network. They need to be able to quickly and securely share data with partners. By using dynamic attribute based access controls, they can classify and segregate data based on metadata, content, association, or policy; establish fine-grained, attribute-based access policies; automate access authorization based on policies, and centralize activity logging and auditing to simplify compliance reporting.

Sophisticated dynamic authorization logic is essential for helping organizations ensure that they automatically adhere to access control policies, and advanced auditing functionality allows them to monitor and document regulatory compliance.

At SAPPHIRE Now, SAP Market Influencer Eric Kavanagh sat down with Keng Lim, CEO of NextLabs, to discuss the role of data access management, both for GDPR compliance and within the broader digital economy.

Keng’s Recommendation

“Access management is the first thing to control (data) security. If the wrong people have access to the data, you’ve got a problem. And what good is a digital economy if the economy is being kept in a lockbox?”

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