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HR's move to a cloud ecosystem is no longer a question of if, but an expectation driven by the workforce. The experience delivered by the commercial market has set a very high standard, and these expectations are filtering into organizations.  The workforce in and out of the office have become dependent on their smart phone, smart house, and now their smart car.

However, regardless how smart or digital you want to come, transforming to this new state requires organizational sponsorship from the business, IT, Finance, HR, etc. Dipping your HR toe in the water never accomplished anything more than getting your toe wet. Moving to the cloud requires the entire organization to be ready and fully committed to taking the plunge to change the culture and mindset.

Taking the plunge does not come without consequences, in fact accordingly to #McKinsey&Company, 70% of transformations do not achieve the desired organizational outcomes.  This statement is not intended to deter you, but more to encourage you to focus on ensuring you are ready to embark on a journey in which go-live is just the beginning.

One key mistake organizations make when moving to the cloud is creating complexity. Below I am going to outline six basic principles all organizations must consider as they begin their cloud journey.

1) Decisions must be made early, often, and holistically -  Every decision will have an upstream and down stream impact.

2) You don't know what you don't know - Engage with other customers, partner, or system implementer; someone somewhere knows the answer or has solved your problem.

3) Do not underestimate the need for change management - System usability is not the issue, it is the users understanding of new expectations, behaviors, and decisions.

4) One size does not fit all - Standardization does not mean you cannot serve a personalized experience; focus on persona-based design.

5) Go-Live Never Ends - Go Live is only the beginning of a continuous cycle of innovation; leverage technology influence and enable you.

6) Cloud applications do not run themselves - Resources with new skills and capabilities will be required to implement, manage, support, and sustain the applications.

Moving to the cloud will create an opportunity to deliver greater value, engage in new ways, and provide greater workforce experience.

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