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The SAP for Me Vision
Every SAP customer who uses SAP for Me as a digital companion on their SAP journey, receives transparency across their SAP solutions and guidance to relevant actions, in one place” 

What is SAP for Me?

The SAP for Me portal is a license-free digital companion for all SAP customers, combining personalized access with a transparent, consolidated overview of their entire product portfolio. SAP for Me also includes support for our partners, thus enabling a digital 360-degree collaboration between our partners, our customers and SAP.

In a comprehensive and sophisticated tool set, SAP for Me offers information based on important role-based parameters. Starting with an intelligent home screen, customers will find all the data, pertinent to their product portfolio, in a holistic environment. From there, users can drill down into their respective product topics, for example, gaining insights into why an alert was triggered and then leveraging SAP for Me to take the appropriate action.

By connecting users with their most important information, SAP for Me enables customers to seamlessly navigate their digital transformation journey to the Intelligent Enterprise and maximize the benefits of their SAP solutions.

SAP for Me: Your Digital Companion

Reducing business complexity is a core strategic objective for SAP. With our best-in-class industry-leading products and services, we help customers with their product portfolio, building an important keystone for their business.

In today’s ‘always on’ global business environment, informed and incisive decision making is a crucial driver of success. The recent emergence of new hybrid working models, increased automation and the acceleration of many business to e-commerce are just a few examples of the need for a digital solution that delivers transparent, real-time business critical information in an easy-to-consume, role-based format.

SAP for Me is Made for You

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SAP for Me: The Simple, Central Access Point

Our customers are familiar with SAP.com as the main entry point to explore product offerings, and the SAP Community as a place to exchange information with other customers or to simply follow community members and their insights.

However, to explore their product portfolio, the ‘go-to’ portal is SAP for Me. Together with SAP.com and SAP Community, it completes the circle, providing the primary access points into SAP. It serves as the dedicated customer portal with a strong focus on individual customer needs, providing an effective digital self-service solution.

SAP for Me delivers important alerts, metrics, and information about our customer’s product portfolio, aligned with their personal preferences. It collects information from what were previously disparate locations and presents it in one place, providing a comprehensive set of dashboards:

  • Products & Portfolios: Easily access a personalized product overview. The perfect starting point for exploring SAP for Me.

  • Finance and Legal: View SAP orders and their licensed materials and also understand connections to individual products or the consumption of licenses.

  • Systems & Provisioning: Explore the dimension of the systems related to an individual product, both cloud-based and on-premise.

  • Cross-functional Capabilities: The central communications capability for user-friendly and context-driven communication.

  • Knowledge & Learning: Review assigned SAP learnings, obtain an overview of certificates achieved, or browse new content for any SAP product.

  • Maintenance & Support: Review planned cloud product maintenance and support incidents across your company.

  • Users & Contacts: Find your company and SAP contacts easily, even as roles and responsibilities change, and ensure communications are not disrupted.

In summary, SAP for Me allows our customers to find everything they need to know about their product portfolio and manage it centrally. It is that simple.

SAP for Me: More Than a Simplified Dashboard

Simplification Transparency Harmonization Digital Access

The mission of SAP’s Global Process Office organization is to redefine how SAP helps our customers to adopt, consume and expand the use of their product portfolio. Therefore, SAP’s post sales processes are fundamental to our customer’s success in terms of the Value which our customers achieve and the Experience of their users in all of their interactions with SAP.

Transformation is a constant in today’s world of unprecedented change. Change exposes opportunities to accelerate growth through the way processes are delivered. In consolidating processes and solutions (tools), the customer’s interaction and experience on their transformation journey are significantly enhanced.

SAP for Me is the perfect example of how SAP is focusing on the success of our customers, leveraging the end-to-end process while also embedding the customer experience. SAP for Me simplifies how our customers interact with their portfolio, in a transparent manner, by harmonizing all of their information and making it fully accessible in one place.

SAP for Me: The Digital Evolution

Since it’s general release in May 2020, SAP for Me has been evolving, with new features and enhancements released every quarter. This is a continuing commitment to improve our customer experience. A selection of what has been released in 2021 includes:

Commerce Cloud Provisioning

SAP for Me is now the default solution for reviewing, managing, and activating Commerce Cloud system entitlements. With user-friendly dashboards providing up-to-the-minute status, SAP for Me provides easier, self-service provisioning of your environments as and when you need them.

Buy More SAP Software Licenses Online, in Minutes (Video)

We are excited to announce a new online buying option in SAP for Me – powered by SAP Store – making it easier than ever for SAP customers to digitally purchase additional licenses for 1,400+ SAP cloud solutions with their same pre-negotiated terms and conditions. By enabling self-serve transactions, customers have the autonomy to buy more of the solutions they want and need in just a few clicks, reducing the time it takes from six hours to six minutes. New license purchase is available through the Finance and Legal Customer Dashboard.

Cloud and On-Premise Contracts and Renewal Details

Customers now have an overview of all their Cloud and On-Premise Renewals on SAP for Me. You can look into the details of each of your contracts including renewal periods and fees, license materials by order and contract, and payment details and addresses. We have introduced new cards within the Finance and Legal Customer Dashboard, providing transparency of all the renewal details and activities.

SAP Cloud Platform Monthly Balance Statements

Updated feature: Following the availability of Monthly Overviews for Consumption Based Contracts for SAP Business Technology Platform from April 2021, historical monthly overviews, dating back one year, are now available on the SAP for Me Portal.

Check Out the New User Help Documentation

We recognize that sometimes customers find it difficult to leverage new capabilities and connect terminology they used to know with new features and functions, especially when they access SAP for Me the first time. Therefore, we have worked on dedicated support documentation for SAP for Me. Now you can access the SAP Help Portal and stay up to date on the latest information on SAP for Me topics such as Getting Started, Onboarding, and the latest features.

Get the Most Out of SAP Support with SAP for Me

When engaging with support, we aim to provide a harmonized and optimized user experience for our customers. Therefore, we continuously improve how customers interact via different channels and tools. A big step in this direction is bringing the tasks performed in the SAP One Support Launchpad into SAP for Me.

Additional Information:

For more information about SAP for Me or to view a demo, visit me.sap.com

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