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This is eighth part of the series SAP DIY Transformation Toolset for setting your Digital Journey. In case you missed the introduction, please click here for context and links to the other selected tools sections.

SAP Enterprise Architecture Explorer


Previously known as SAP UX Explorer the SAP Enterprise Architecture Explorer (or just SAP EA Explorer) is a great tool for supporting on Business-Driven IT decision. Probably the fact of been working as an Enterprise Architect for a while and loving innovative strategy topics I have a particular appreciation for this tool.

The content in SAP EA Explorer is focused on specific IT areas such as User Experience, Landscape Architecture or Internet of Things, connecting you to videos, FAQs, guides, blogs, Road Maps and many other valuable resources, a real feast for the eyes of Enterprise Architects and others interested in driving IT decisions.

The tool cover more than 400 topics and uses Enterprise Architecture principles and structure, providing valuable guidance to better plan the transformation of your IT Architecture. Establishing and governing a solid digital transformation journey requires discipline on documenting and monitoring concerns, methods, patterns, strategies and viewpoints. SAP EA Explorer bring all those elements in the perspective of SAP system landscapes.

Going beyond the Enterprise Architecture discipline the tool will help you getting answers for complex questions that will come up during your transformation strategy, going from topics like how to start building a UX strategy to describing what technologies does SAP offer for edge computing.

I know every single customer will have a very specific strategy reflecting particular context, requirements and approach however, EA Explorer can help you establishing your overall IT Vision by providing steps and guidance based on the experience gained by the community from working with lots of customers.

You might find out that connecting all the aspects from Strategy to Infrastructure requires lots to think about far beyond the strategy itself.


Just access the SAP EA Explorer here and start exploring sessions. It has a nice and simple navigation structure. To help you organizing and exploring the content the tool provides you with a MY TOPICS session where you can organize and compare different topics across the tool. You can compare up to 3 topics at once and check the relations (categories, connections to other focus areas, top benefits, etc.) for each.


The content provided by SAP EA Explorer is very handy and give business leaders a better understanding of digital strategies. A solid strategy and its right execution is what will differentiate your organization between a Fashionista and a Digirati. The content provide by the EA Explorer will definitely provide you with valuable insights for a tight connection between Business and IT across your organization and help you establish your next move with confidence.

Target Audience

Enterprise Architects, IT Stakeholders

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