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This is the last part of the series SAP DIY Transformation Toolset for setting your Digital Journey. In case you missed the introduction or any other bits of the series, please click here for context and links to the other selected tools sections.

SAP Help Portal


You might be asking yourself why on Earth would I put the old (but gold) SAP Help Portal to close a Digital Transformation related blog series!

The truth is that SAP Help Portal has always been one of the top resources for customers for many years and keep on being one of the most essential source of information for SAP customers, partners and the overall community. The portal has been gone through a complete redesign over the last few years and had faced lots of up and downs in what regards to the community feedback raising lots of discussions and controversy behind the new user’s experience.

Nowadays the website has a simple and intuitive experience for browsing and a very efficient searching mechanism (based on HANA full-text search) allowing users to establish advanced search operators in combination with various filters.

Never underestimate the rich content provided on the SAP Help Portal. From release bulletins throughout development and architecture guides, data modeling, installation manuals, configuration instructions, integration details, videos, security guidelines and the list goes on and on… great artefacts that will help you planning and empowering your squad.


The SAP Help Portal might limit your access to some documentation unless you log on with your S-user ID as some documents are restricted from public view. For the rest the portal is very intuitive and user friendly. I recommend you to understand and explore advanced search options for an enhanced experience

What this short video for the basics on Search and Navigation


SAP Help Portal is another tool that comes in hand at any given time either you are going through an exploration exercise, learning detailed aspects of your current or future solution landscape capabilities or trying to sort out complex architecture issues. The guidelines provided here will definitely help you on IT-related decision making.

Target Audience

Solution Architects, Integration Architects, Solution Engineers, Enterprise Architects, Developers, LOB’s and Industry Experts.

Closing words

I hope you have found the information provide on this series useful for you structuring your Digital Journey. And this is what is all about... a Journey... Transforming your Business and IT won't happen overnight. Having a clear vision and strategy is what allows you to sail at the right direction, much more more important than the speed you're sailing.

Leave you comments and feel free to reach me for exchanging ideas, experience and learn together how to overcome the turbulent waters of disruption and thrive across the prolific seas of the digital economy.

In case you have missed any of the other parts for this blog series click here.

Until next time!