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Over the years at SAP Digital Interconnect, I have had the opportunity to expand on our Enterprise Messaging showcase into additional value-creating use cases; all of which I can bucket into a category called " Human Experience". So much so, I even prefer to call our Enterprise Messaging hub the  "Human Experience Cloud" bringing applications, devices and people ( you & me) together in interesting, intelligent ways.

To do so, the SAP Digital Interconnect hub supports the ability to orchestrate @ scale inbound and outbound messaging requests defined as micro-services. We shall dwell more on how it does it in a separate blog; but to demonstrate it ; we built a showcase service supporting a  classic use case. To know more; continue reading..

Use case / Scenario

The showcase service supports a traveller with notifications of interesting events within a user -defined location proximity ( in technical parlance - a "geo-fence")

Connecting the dots

The following services were brought together in this interesting showcase

a) A dynamically updated location <--> event service

It simply captures an event , its validity period and its location co-ordinate / address. For the showcase; the service has a front-end application UI to enter the event details.

b) A mobile app plugin

Using an iOS or Android SDK, a native mobile app plugin was built that a) Allows user to opt-in to the service b) Allows user to set his/ her location proximity preference and c) Publishes the user's location co-ordinate to the SAP Digital Interconnect Hub

c) An Intelligent Notification service

The intelligent notification service delivers notifications for all events within the location proximity as determined by the location intelligence.

To enhance the human experience ; an initial "ping" alert is sent to the users mobile app alerting him / her to events of interest. If the user choses to accept the ping and  opens the app ; additional event details are delivered in-app.

If the user ignores the ping ; depending on the users initial subscription set up ; the event alerts may be escalated into an SMS alert or a social notification or delivered during the next app engagement ( if still active).


Imagine you are traveling on business, exhausted and looking for an evening diner with a live band performance; and you get notifications with options within a 1 mile vicinity of your stay! How would you rate such an experience? Priceless!

Demo video

You can view a showcase demo video here. The demo events are set in a local residential area . In the end, you will also view a failover to SMS use case.


Reach out to us

The team at SAP Digital Interconnect is here to help you power your interconnect communication use case . Please feel free to reach out to one of us here