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Outsourcing is a couple of decades-old subject and most companies are ripping off the benefits and getting their work done at cheaper prices to stay competitive in the market. However, there has been a large number of businesses that have religiously stayed away and worked exclusively on face to face basis. It’s a culture which exits amongst many businesses where work planning, discussion, and continuous interactions in a close proximity is a way of work.

Covid-19 has changed the architecture of every business process worldwide and has presented us with many challenges in respect of working, being productive, and staying connected. Most of the companies have evolved, implemented collaborative platforms and are back to business.

Like they say, “every challenge present an opportunity”. What most businesses have learnt during Covid-19 is that people’s ability to work is beyond the walls of the office and proximity alone is not an answer to a productive & efficient team.

Businesses that  didn’t consider outsourcing as a key strategy, have started to change their perspectives. Companies have started to hire remote employees on the merit of experience & expertise v/s proximity to their business locations. While few jobs cannot be done remote, tons of technology jobs and backend operation jobs are ideal scenarios where sourcing expertise works to business advantage.


Why outsourcing is going to be a key strategy for companies worldwide post Covid-19?


Cultural Shift

Many businesses & teams did not feel comfortable working with remote teams due to time zone difference, changing habits of working with the person next to them v/s in remote locations.  Since Covid-19, teams have evolved, people are working with more defined goals & agenda while following their scheduled work hours. Teams are meeting project goals which supersedes all other expectations.


Sourcing Expertise

Today, the world sees cost advantage merely as a byproduct of Outsourcing. The key reason people want to outsource their work is to pool in expertise & experience. For eg. Teams who have been part of migrating legacy software applications to the cloud had handle hundreds of problems with data migration, technology differences and road blocks but today they have proven strategies.  Experience  brings in invaluable insights to table, saves months of development and decreases time-to-market.


Quickest Onboarding

Most of the service providers have experience & expertise which are available to hire on a short notice of few weeks. This means you have access to an experience talent pool on demand and can reduce your efforts to hire, on-board & retain skills which are required but not needed for long term work.


Be Competitive

Last but not the least, the cost advantage. Investments in technology are fragile and the landscape changes too often.  Cost to hire a software developer is high & time consuming, thus sourcing right expertise for your project at competitive cost saves you 2.5x cost on new & emerging technologies. Most services providers  train their resources-on-bench in new & emerging technologies which you can leverage to your advantage.


Key Challenges to hire software developers, Image Credit Radixweb


Wrapping Up


While Covid-19 has brought us many changes & challenges, it has made us open & receptive to new ways of working. This presents an excellent opportunity to look at business strategies & implement ideas which seemed impossible in the past. Companies who embrace these opportunities are certain to see advantages & secure top positions in their market segments.
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I am a Partner & Director at Software Development Company, with overall 22+ years of experience in consulting global companies for software and technology initiatives. CRM, ERP and Business Specific Solutions are key areas I am helping businesses scale at speed. My insights in shaping up IT Portfolios is helping start-ups implementing new technologies to gain competitive edge.