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In the previous blog post (https://blogs.sap.com/2019/01/02/mpower-your-cloud-native-application-with-email-api-from-sap-digita...) ; I shared how SAP Digital Interconnect can power email communications for your cloud native applications using a service powered by a RESTful email API.

A question is often raised to us ; Is it easy to use the API to deploy an email capability within an application?

There are two approaches to embedding an email capability within an application.

  • Approach 1: Leverage platform notification workflow capabilities ; map the email notification template with the REST API format ; and set up publish end-points to your SAP Digital Interconnect email account end-points ( URL, credentials)

  • Approach 2: Build a native email workflow / UI plugin for your application

We determined to have a closer look at Approach 2 and asked our development partner team within Xoriant to build out a POC java application using our email API , Spring Framework and Eclipse IDE

Here is a demo of the app built


Here are the steps taken to build it

Step 1 : Create a Spring project

Step 2: Name sample project (Here it is MobileBank) and add JARs required for Spring configuration in the lib folder present in WEB-INF

Step 3: Create email method for App

Step 4: Add email SDK JAR to build path

Step 5: Utilize SendMail class for email SDK and call sendMail with respective parameters ( see below)

Step 6: Email message composition UI end-points

Step 7: Deploy war file and execute. The plugin will render as below. Enter recipients (comma separated), sender name, subject and message and click on “Send Email” button. To send an HTML template select the checkbox HTML  and choose file from your local drive.

That's it. It took the Xoriant developers just a few hrs to build, deploy and demo this app and they were new to the API. You could do it as well.

Reach out to us

The team at SAP Digital Interconnect is here to help you power your interconnect communication use case . Please feel free to reach out to one of us here