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By marco.cigaina

Digital Transformation requires a strong bond between business and IT! The digital economy forces companies to carefully design the way they want to create, deliver and capture value.

With that in mind, two years ago we created the Digital Business Modeling approach, which provides a common language for business and IT to collaboratively design digital business models. Its core is a unified framework that combines key digital and business model elements that presents the most critical digital value drivers for any organization.

Meanwhile, SAP Business Transformation Services successfully piloted the usage of digital value drivers in many customer engagements (you may have a look here and here).

Based on lessons learnt from this field experience and based on further research, we recently published a second version of the Digital Business Modeling whitepaper.

This updated version introduces a list of Digital Focus Areas that help understand at which points a digital strategy can be applied to a business model. It also consolidates and further systematizes the list of digital value drivers, which makes it yet easier to apply the modeling language.

While we prepare for further lessons learnt from the field based on this new version, we look forward to new exciting areas of systematization research: systematic disruption of industry boundaries, co-creation in networked business, multi-sided platforms, programmable economy, and more. The journey continues!

Interested to know more? We invite you to read our paper and let us know your thoughts