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“Make complex things simple, and simple things automatic”, a mantra that I have followed to guide me through my professional career as a technologist and as a business leader for SAP Digital Interconnect (formerly SAP Mobile Services and Sybase 365) part of our Digital Business Services board area. The single most important goal of any innovation should be to make people’s lives easier.

While it is important that we continue to transform, revolutionize existing technologies, and introduce novel ideas and capabilities to enhance the human experience, it is imperative that we focus on collectively raising the standard for everyone especially those who are perhaps not blessed with as many opportunities or resources, what is often referred to as the “bottom of the pyramid”. The key is that we need to make everyone’s life easier and thus rise together. Today, we are making substantial advances in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality and innovating at an unprecedented pace, however, somewhere we are forgetting to bring along and connect with an entire segment of a population even as we all move ahead in this Digital World.

Due to the continuous rise in access to mobile phones and data connectivity across the globe, we have the capability of massive reach which shows that mobile is the optimal avenue of connectivity throughout the advanced and the developing economies. I am proud of the work that we do at SAP Digital Interconnect to reach nearly 99% of all mobile subscribers. We provide services which range from simple SMS, email capabilities to value added offerings like two factor authentication, customer engagement and consumer insights that help individuals and enterprises build app-less apps to run better, run simple and most importantly run live in the Digital Economy.

In my latest Podcast for Mobile First hosted by Jordan Bryant, I share a story of a remote island near New Zealand named Kiribati, and how our technology provided enormous value in connecting its entire population to the rest of the world. This capability of 100% reach in a vastly remote destination is a testament to the fact that mobile is ubiquitous and delivers a significant, unimaginable and direct impact.
I believe that the customer is the best source of inspiration, ideas and creativity in delivering continuous value and that the advancements in technology are influenced by the voice of the customer. There are many more untapped regions of the world that are waiting to be connected and we at SAP Digital Interconnect are committed to eliminating these gaps of connectivity and reach especially in these times of Digital Transformation.

I invite you to join me @sethumeenakshi and @SAPMobileSrvcs to engage in a further conversation on this topic; please do connect with me and my colleagues at Sapphire 2017 as we showcase our customer success stories and new service offerings that drive intelligent engagement and interactions not just between humans but also with things. Meanwhile here is the link to my podcast: http://www.emergemobilefirst.com/podcast/25