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Innovation…. A skydiving experience for Organisations

Finally, I experienced my first tandem sky-dive after overcoming procrastination; the source being the fear of unknown and the fear of failure. Indeed, the experience was out of this world. The experience that made it life changing for me was not just the free fall and the flying but the whole process from wishing to sky-dive, making up my mind, going through a nightmare the day before, wondering “what if I don’t make it?” to the best 7-minute experience I gifted to myself.

Now, when I sit back and think about the entire process, I see a similarity in the sentiments that organisations go through during various phases of their adventurous innovation journey.

Sky diving is the buzz word in everyone’s bucket list but only about 14% of them have the courage to do it (Statista)

Innovation is the most important and the most over-used term in today’s tech world. Everyone is talking about innovation; every CEO understands that innovation is key to growth but only 42% of the businesses have begun their business transformation (Gartner).

One prefers the safest and the most reputed sky diving centre. However, despite the reputation, the complicated gadgets, safety videos and instructions, landing tutorials etc, can overwhelm you making you wonder – “What if I still don’t make it?”. This preparation time is the longest and most important and longest phase of the process.

Likewise, organisations are keen to partner with the most reputable, skilled technology leaders and trusted digital innovation partners to help them innovate as they continue to grow their businesses as well as reduce operating costs. The numerous technology applications available in the market, the niche start-ups, the infinite use-cases that are envisioned can be overwhelming for organisations to define a structured path. Therefore the role of a digital transformation partner becomes significant to help companies discover the value of the innovation journey.

The one minute free-fall is directionless but the 5-minute flying should be strategic, well-planned and timely executed.

The initial phase of the journey may seem chaotic and ambiguous with discovery workshops, collaborative thinking and brainstorming. However, the strategic partner is key to define structure in the project by identifying business problems, recommending solutions to business problems, defining a roadmap for execution, realising the business value throughout the journey and thereby ensuring alignment with the company’s strategic priorities.

That one picture of your skydive, inspires several others to take the plunge.

Successful innovative companies gain the first mover advantage and become industry leaders that inspire the early adopters to follow their path to innovation.

The most significant factor of this experience is to TRUST your tandem coach, who does about 6-7 dives daily. A tandem coach is a stranger who builds confidence in you, comforts you and ensures that you trust him.

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