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Digital transformation is changing the future of business. As a CMO or Head of Operations, how prepared are you to embrace this change and help your organization to become digitally matured?

Having spent years in heading marketing teams and now being a CEO of a digital media company, I have embraced this rapid technological change myself. IoT, AI, and blockchain have been correctly referred to as the catalysts for digital transformation. We have entered the era where AI has become the most disruptive technology trend. AI powers machine to do things in a manner that only humans are capable of doing at the moment.

In this post, I will discuss how SAP is leveraging the power of AI to build its core applications. I will also discuss how organizations can benefit from AI and share some real-world applications that are easing up complex tasks with the help of AI.

 SAP Applications Now Have Advanced AI Capabilities

SAP is already a leader in ERP and has several applications that are the core operating platforms for many companies. Here are some of the applications that now offers several enhanced features powered by AI:

SAP S/4HANA Cloud now includes digital assistants that feature a voice command interface. Moreover, you have the option to integrate this functionality with Amazon Alexa. With functions like automated payment processing and a new "situation handling" tool, the platform completely automates order confirmations and carriers out communications proactively.

SAP CoPilot is a powerful digital assistant for the enterprises. Similar to Siri, users have the option to directly chat with SAP CoPilot, ask questions, and give commands just like they would with a regular person. The commands are processed and actions are executed quickly in a conversational way.

SAP Leonardo is an integrated system of software and services that enables customers to create, run, consume, and maintain machine self-learning apps with ease. SAP Leonardo makes it easier to integrate AI into any business.  

How Organizations Can Benefit From AI?

Personalized Messaging at Scale

AI has started to remove organizational silos and offered the promise to facilitate a customer-centric culture. AI backed algorithms provide a clear view of the customer journey to the companies. Moreover, with the help of predictive analytics, it has become easier for the brands to carry personalized messaging at scale. For example, you can easily build WhatsApp integration with SAP Hybris Marketing. The below image describes the general approach:

Automation of Complex Tasks

AI has the power to achieve complete automation of complex computational tasks. Companies already have a huge amount of data waiting to be processed. AI can process the available data at tremendous speed with minimal human supervision and provide valuable insights or take direct actions based on the acquired insights. SAP Business Process Automation by Redwood offers increased efficiency and enhanced reliability to enterprises saving lots of money.

Advanced Security

A proper mix of blockchain and AI can become a nightmare for hackers. AI helps to detect attacks and automatically reacts to data breaches. Applications have now become much more sophisticated due to the presence of AI.  

Powerful algorithms and smart technologies powered by AI are fully capable of detecting, analyzing, and defending against the most advanced hackers by proactively detecting and tricking attackers. For example, you can run and operate SAP HANA in diverse operating environments without any compromise on security.

Some Real Applications Powered by AI

SAP is already creating powerful applications that leverage the power of AI. Now, let’s discuss some other platforms that are making it big in the AI space. This will give you an idea that applications of AI are not limited to just a few verticals:

  • Deepmine backed by Google utilized AI to predict whether the patient is at a risk of a serious condition and advice the step that needs to be taken.

  • Boontech.ai is the world’s first AI-powered job marketplace based on cryptocurrency that is free for the user. An intelligent mix of blockchain and AI makes this startup an ideal place for freelancers to find jobs without paying anything as a commission.

  • Betterhalf.ai is a startup from India that uses AI into matchmaking. The company has a giant database having relationship data of millions of married couples which it uses to power a matchmaking algorithm to find compatible partners.

  • Predina is powered by AI to dynamically predict the chances of accidents and the damages caused based on changing driver risk ad context.

  • Mind Trace uses artificial intelligence to increase the impact of ads. The system utilizes eye tracking, emotions tracking and heartbeat tracking to capture audience feelings.

  • Ada claims to be your personal health guide. This AI-powered app can ask questions when you are feeling unwell and provide answers to better understand the cause of your illness. This app already has 1,000,000+ with an average rating of 4.7.


Artificial intelligence is a very special technology that certainly attracts our attention. There is little that AI can’t do. If you are a C Level executive or a decision maker in your organization then you must definitely think about upgrading your current systems to support AI.
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