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Juergen Mueller talks about SAP Customer Order Sourcing in SAP TechEd Bangalore 2019 Keynote


Have you already heard about SAP Customer Order Sourcing?

It is just about time since SAP Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member Juergen Mueller included this business service in his keynote at SAP TechEd Bangalore 2019.

SAP Customer Order Sourcing is a public service based on SAP Cloud Platform. This service contributes to a strong set of business services in the context of SAP CX, which is a key value of building intelligent enterprises.

As pointed out by Juergen Mueller, SAP Customer Order Sourcing aims to provide the best customer experience and a solution for business related challenges. It makes sure you serve your customers fast, takes care you fulfill your order and looks at costs by minimizing delivery expenses for incoming orders. The entry point for working with the service is the SAP API Business Hub where you can define the inputs for the service.

Just listen to Juergen describing a very nice business scenario regarding an athletics company based in Bangalore. He explains the concept of the sourcing strategy and highlights its importance for solving complex optimization problems.
The following video of his keynote starts with a quick overview on business services in general, later he talks about SAP Customer Order Sourcing (starting at 23:42).


This blog and the keynote caught your attention and you want to have some hands practice on the offerings of SAP Customer Order Sourcing?

If so, please follow the tutorial Set Up SAP Customer Order Sourcing Manually, which walks you through the creation of a trial account and subscription to SAP Customer Order Sourcing. You can also follow one of the other tutorials, which you can find in the section listing additional information and links.


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