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I don’t think anybody would debate the size of the opportunity available from digital channels to drive incremental business revenue. The numbers are staggering, and the growth is constant.

There are now over 3.7 billion internet users globally with 2.8 billion active on social media. Google are supporting over 40,000 searches per second, which equates to a whopping 3.5 billion queries per day.

This level of access to information and influencers online has fundamentally altered the buying process for all kinds of industries and products, and the technology space is no different. It’s now estimated that up to 80% of a buyer’s decision making process has already occurred before they reach out to a sales person.

Despite our almost universal appreciation that ‘digital is massive and important’ it’s often challenging for businesses to shift their mindset and truly embrace a digital first approach. In my experience this usually boils down to 3 main challenges:

  • The level of digital skills and experience within an organization.

  • Comfort around what has worked before (and the fact it does indeed still work).

  • Apprehension around switching investment into new, untested territories.

Over the last six months I’ve been extremely fortunate to spend time with many SAP partners that are committed to adopting a digital first approach. Through dedicated sessions on digital, we’ve been offering practical recommendations that can help partners move the needle on their digital presence, increasing qualified website visitors and driving improved conversion into genuine opportunities.

These sessions have focused primarily on what I would call the foundations of any successful online business:

  1. Understanding what your prospective customers are actively searching for on Google.

  2. Using this information to direct the type of content you produce and collate on your website to increase your chances of displaying in Google when someone searches for those keywords.

  3. Ensuring that your website effectively promotes your brand by providing an exceptional user experience on any type of device (i.e., laptop, tablet or mobile phone) and therefore increasing your chances of converting an unknown visitor into a known contact.

Today I want to share a great example from a session attendee, SAP partner Presence of IT where they’ve embedded many best practices to produce an excellent, digital first campaign around the HR revolution through technology.

What type of digital best practices can we observe in this campaign?

  1. It’s certainly a digital first execution. The whole experience has been catered for an effective online experience.

  2. They’ve produced a selection of high quality video assets which make the content easy to consume and highly shareable across social platforms.

  3. With 4 videos in total, it allows them to effectively drip feed the campaign content over a prolonged period to keep the message flowing.

  4. The landing pages themselves are designed with the user in mind. They present a clear message and respond beautifully whether you’re on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

  5. The campaign has been supported through social sharing, both organically via the company and employee social handles, but also through additional paid investment to extend the reach.

  6. They’ve leveraged Wistia for video embed, a great product that enables a lot of advanced video analytics.

  7. I particularly like their usage of Rob Scott to front the campaign as it shows a clear drive to leverage individual personalities to showcase the talent within the organization.

This is a great example of a digital first campaign and I certainly tip my hat to the team at Presence of IT for this excellent execution. We welcome other SAP partners to share their digital first campaigns.