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Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution explains that organisms equipped with characteristics best suited to their environment are most likely to survive. The same reasoning applies to business.

Over the past few years, the business world has changed by leaps and bounds. With Social Media, Internet, advanced payment methods, blazing fast delivery, innovation, automation, advanced data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and dozens of new ways to engage the customers the business is changing even faster with each passing day.

Adapted to the business world, Darwin’s theory of evolution makes clear the need to embrace change. Businesses not ready for change or who are not able to plan for this evolution will fall back eventually.

It requires that you not only be ready for change, but also change the way you do work. This in turn requires continuous adaptation of your business plans and processes. That demands new thinking, continuous innovation and new technologies that unlock new ways of doing business. In nutshell, you need time to time transformation, fast time to value delivery and flexibility to thrive amid change — all without high up-front investments.

So, to enable transformation on your terms and timeline, SAP came up with a new offering this year – Rise With SAP. Given that the changing times are accelerating technology and business models, SAP is also rising with rapid innovation to cater to the digital transformation needs of its customers. Therefore, understanding RISE with SAP offering helps one explore the opportunities available in this ecosystem.

There has been quite a buzz around it, the topic has been gaining interest among SAP Community, but what is it? Is it a product or a service? Is it only meant for SAP customers, partners or third parties? What are its key functionalities? What is the reasoning behind the genesis of the product etc. It is quite natural to have these questions in mind. So, let’s dive a little into the offering and get a better understanding of RISE with SAP.

What is RISE with SAP?

Intelligent enterprises use advanced technologies and best practices within adaptable, integrated business processes and continuously transform data into insights. SAP’s vision of the Intelligent Enterprise is focused on enabling our customers to connect and streamline processes, identify risks, and predict business outcomes, and innovate continuously.

SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise includes: Intelligent Suite, Industry Cloud, Business Technology Platform, Experience Management, Sustainability Management and Business Network.

RISE with SAP offers a holistic on-your-terms and on-your-timeline transformation to an intelligent enterprise. You can remove complexity with a simplified engagement and guided journey through your business transformation. It offers you a faster time to premier value and the flexibility you need without a high up-front investment.

Source: SAP


What is included in RISE with SAP and Why RISE?

Rise includes five core elements to help your company achieve digital transformation. You can choose where to start in your digital journey and design the strategy that's right for you:

  1. SAP S/4HANA cloud

  2. Business Process Intelligence

  3. Technology Cloud Credits

  4. SAP Business networks starter pack

  5. Embedded tools and services

You can find more details on each one of these core elements here


Source: SAP

Paths to RISE with SAP:

Customers moving to the Intelligent Enterprise come from a variety of backgrounds and have different end goals.

For example:

    • A digitally grown start-up with standard processes on cloud architectures requires solutions to scale with their business.

    • A traditionally grown company with many complex systems running on premise requires more flexibility to adapt and innovate, while reducing the overall total cost of ownership.

    • A traditionally grown company that has begun the migration to modular cloud ERP applications requires a clear path to continue their transition.

    • A traditionally grown company that has been selectively moving specific markets or business to the cloud requires guidance in the next steps for their core environment.

RISE with SAP is designed to address unique customer scenarios. It’s the concierge service to the cloud and the Intelligent Enterprise. RISE is not a system upgrade, it’s a redesigned method of working that allows you to change not only once, but to continually transform – a Business Transformation as a Service. Under one contract, SAP delivers the technical services, software, and enterprise support. Regardless of your software being in an SAP or hyperscaler data center, SAP delivers the same services under that one single contract.

SAP partners are a huge part of delivering the RISE with SAP services and benefits to customers through application management services, implementation services, and brining their unique expertise in advisory services. This would be a separate contract with the customer’s chosen partner.

RISE with SAP supports customers in:

  • Modernizing – on the best cloud infrastructure to achieve the lowest possible TCO.

  • Standardizing – on the best intelligent suite to drive process efficiency and scale.

  • Digitizing – on the best transformation platform to innovate faster than your competition.

Solution Offerings with RISE:

The Public Cloud deployment is a great solution for a customer looking to start fresh in a clean system, who is open to process redesign. The RISE with SAP program brings together the comprehensive RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution, technical services, and resources together under one contract to support a customer making their transition to public cloud.

The Private Cloud deployment is an ideal solution for a customer who needs to retain the investments they’ve already made in their SAP ERP system but wants to move to the cloud. The RISE with SAP program brings together the comprehensive RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition solution, technical services, and resources together under one contract without high upfront investments to ensure the customer can quickly begin to realize the reduced TCO and value of cloud, with flexibility to continue their transformation at their own pace.

Source: SAP

SAP S/4HANA Cloud supports multi-cloud scenarios based on customer’s point of departure.

Cloud deployment options include:

    • Public Cloud Deployment

  • RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud (formerly SAP S/4HANA Cloud, essentials edition)

  • RISE with SAP S4HANA Cloud for experience management

    • Private Cloud Deployment

  • RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition

A Public Cloud deployment is recommended if a customer has the ability and mindset for a transformational project, low landscape complexity, and can implement a greenfield approach.

The implementation will include:

    • A complete, modern, SaaS ERP solution with full public cloud benefits

    • The fastest path to innovation and lowest TCO

    • A clean Cloud ERP solution without converting old/legacy ERP processes and configurations

    • To reimagine business processes and take advantage of standardized best practices

Source: SAP

A Private Cloud deployment is recommended if a customer has plans for a long-term evolutionary journey to the cloud with high landscape complexity including mostly fragmented, highly customized systems.

The implementation will include:

    • A rapid conversion of their existing SAP ERP/ECC environments to a modern, Cloud-based architecture

    • Full Enterprise Management scope as subscription and low TCO with the cloud structure

    • SaaS landscape at your own pace

    • Full, extensive, ERP functionality including partner add-ons with the ability to extend and enhance as required

For Private Cloud, customers can choose their infrastructure provider – hyperscaler data center or SAP data center.

The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider hosts servers, storage, and other virtualized computing resources where the SAP S/4HANA software is installed. Customers do not have to buy hardware or employ in-house experts to maintain it when hosting their solution in a third-party infrastructure.

For Public Cloud, the data center is pre-selected for the customer based on a variety of factors.

Hyperscaler providers:

    • Google Cloud Platform

    • Amazon Web Services

    • Microsoft Azure

    • Alibaba Cloud

Source: SAP


RISE with SAP is described as a bundling of existing SAP assets that focus on providing customers with business-transformation-as-a-service.

Rise is primarily here to deliver outcome, simplify customers move to the cloud, and deliver continuous innovation through the business transformation journey of the customer.

RISE with SAP brings together the solutions and services you need for true business transformation – in one package – regardless of where your business stands now or where you want it to go. It is SAP and an entire ecosystem of partners helping you chart your change on your terms and your timeline

I hope this blog post was helpful for you. If so, click on "like" or "share". I'm looking forward to your feedback and thoughts or clarification questions you may have in the comment section below.



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