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Developer Advocate
After 9 weeks of educational enablement and community content, Devtoberfest is finally entering the Build Week phase! Build week officially began on October 23rd 2020 at 1700 CEST (UTC+2) and runs until November 2nd 2020 one minute past midnight Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8).

Your mission this week is to come up with your developer problem - for the pure love of being a developer. Think of something that's really a problem in your own development life and then think of how you might solve that problem and make the lives of your fellow developers even better. You can build a tool, a library, or just a code sample. Or, submit an enhancement to an existing community project in the form of a code contribution, an issue, documentation or a test case.

Entering into the contest is relatively simple. Yes, you do have to register as an individual in Eventbrite. That's so we can track and verify your eligibility for the contest. Then, the main action you need to do is to take the URL of your publicly available repository and enter it into our entry.txt file via pull request in the Devtoberfest GitHub Repository. Or simply get started contributing to one of the repositories listed in

Date Description
Oct 23 at 1830 - Nov 2 at 0001 PST (UTC-8) Build Week
Nov 2 one minute past midnight Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8) Final Deadline for all commits to projects to be considered in the contest
Nov 2 - Nov 6 SAP Judging
Nov 6 Announcement of Finalist
Nov 6 - TBD Community Voting

It's not too late to get involved. You can still enter your projects even though Build Week has begun. And for all of you that might not want to start an entire open source project on your own, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with one of the other already submitted projects. Many of them are looking for contributors of all levels.  Even helping out by testing, entering issues, or writing documentation would count.

And to help inspire you to get involved in Devtoberfest, we have some great videos with stories from the community and highlights from some of the projects that are already entered into the Devtoberfest contest.

We will get things started with the ABAP Cowboy and founder of the ABAPGit project himself - lars.hvam

The next video is with vobu and gregorw who will be talking about community projects in general but in particular the entry in Devtoberfest they have been working on -

This next video is an interview with jhodel18  of the two opensource projects:

Next we have an interview and Q&A session with long time SAP Mentor and community leader, graham.robinson. We will discuss the impact of open source and community projects on the SAP world in general but particularly what it has meant for ABAP developers and independent consultants.

Luigi Dell'Aquila ( is a long time contributor to open source projects and one of the core developers of OrientDB ( Each month it is downloaded more than 80,000 times. To date, the open source community that powers the project has hundreds of contributors. Join us as Luigi shares his experience working on such a large-scale open source project and a successful product.

And in this final video we have a reunion with the godfathers of open source in the SAP world - the founders of the SAPlink project: Ed Herrmann ( and Dan McWeeney (

And to close out on a lighter note, the SAP Developer Advocates have been recording lighthearted and fun videos all week to celebrate Devtoberfest Build Week.