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Developer Advocate
Hopefully everyone is well aware that Devtoberfest has been taking place over the last 10 weeks. We've had multiple weeks of educational enablement content, community interviews, hands-on exercises, and then finally the Build Week.

Build week involved teams of community members like yourself coming together to work on open source projects all designed to give back to the SAP Developer Community.

If you need a quick refresher of Devtoberfest, Build Week, or any of the content included; you can also review the home for the event over on GitHub: or on Or the preview of Build Week here:

But now it's time for the whole community to voice their opinion... It's time to pick the overall winner of the first Devtoberfest celebration. Voting is performed via this question thread Use the answer voting mechanism to choose the one solution you believe should be the overall winner.

First of all, congratulations to all the teams and individuals that got involved and contributed to Devtoberfest. You can view the list of all teams that submitted projects here:

To review here are the judging criterial:


  • How relevant/helpful is your solution to other SAP developers

  • No commercial license - Suggested Licenses

  • How well does it utilize the key SAP technologies

  • How much of its was actually built during the event and how much was reuse. Existing projects are allowed, but judging will focus on commits done during the Contest Period.

  • Technological fascination. Innovative use of technology. Use of multiple types of technology. Use of popular trending technology.

  • Entertainment value. Does the presentation grab your attention? Does it stand out compared to others? Does it tell a story that is memorable?

  • Only pull requests/commits from users who have met the individual eligibility requirements in will be considered.

During the last week, the SAP Developer Advocates have been judging all the submissions to narrow the list down to 5 finalist. And without further ado here are the finalist projects listed in no particular order:

abapGit: Git client for ABAP

abap-dev-utilities: ABAP Development Tools

vscode_abap_remote_fs: Remote filesystem for ABAP systems

cds-dbm: Delta deployment and migrations for SAP CAP database adapters.

cds-pg: PostgreSQL adapter for SAP CDS (CAP)

To vote on the winner, simply go to this Community question: The finalist are all listed as answers.  Upvote the answer you believe represents the best open source project for SAP Developers overall. Voting will be open until Monday, November 23rd 2020.

And if you want to hear from the SAP Developer Advocates on our judging process and thoughts about all the submitted projects we have this recording: