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Manage Environment Variables - CI/CD - Cloud Foundry MTA Deployments

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I would appreciate some guidance/ pointers to some resources on this issue I am facing.

In my SAP trial Cloud Foundry environment I have configured a CI/CD pipeline using AzureDevOps. I have been able to configure the build and deployments stages for the master branch which points to a production environment. This is a UI5 application and the deployment is done as an MTA.

I wish to expand this pipeline to work across different branches i.e. I wish to have two other branches for development and testing and have these pipelines deploy the app to the corresponding development and testing branches.

What I need help with is setting up environment variables for each environment in each branch. What is the best way to do this for MTAs?

For starters, I would like to have environment specific app names and environment specific data sources for my app. This can be done my modifying the manifest.json in my application, is there a way to refer an environment specific manifest.json file for each branch? i.e. dev-manifest.json , test-manifest.json or prod-manifest.json

Can a similar thing be done to modify the mta.yaml based on the branch that is being built?

This is the kind of app I am dealing with for your reference;

Thank you.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Sachin,

Normally, such environment-specific parameters are handled via MTA Extension Descriptors:

"The Multitarget Application (МТА) extension descriptor is a YAML file that contains data complementary to the deployment descriptor. The data can be environment or deployment specific, for example, credentials depending on the user who performs the deployment." [taken from Defining MTA Extension Descriptors - SAP Help Portal] - handling in the MTA archive is also described here: Metadata for Properties and Parameters - SAP Help Portal

Might be worth a look...

Best regards,

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Hi Boris,

I did come across the MTA extension descriptors but I did come across a couple of resources that said the extension descriptors cannot be used to customise properties such as the identifier and version. What options do I have in this case?

Further more, when developing UI5 applications; are there any similar methods to configure the manifest.json for different environments?