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SAP Advanced Track and Trace (SAP ATTP) is a niche industry-specific product – built for pharma companies. It offers serial number management and an event repository. It ensures close integration with country specified Site Serialization Systems and WMS/ERP solutions for master data, orders, and warehouse operations. It contains a rule framework and regulatory reporting for Russia, Turkey, South Korea, India, EU, China, Argentina, and the US and will be capable of handling the upcoming legislation.

SAP ATTP is a standalone ABAP-based system with Add-ons for SAP S4/HANA and SAP EWM


You want to know more about known issues during STTPEC add-on installation from BASIS (operation) side.

Resolution for STTPEC.

Links / Notes

Known issue:

After Installing SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals add-on (STTPEC800) on a S/4HANA System a redirect inconsistency error occurs each time a material needs to be read. The error is manifested as following message: Runtime Errors DBSQL_REDIRECT_INCONSISTENCY The definition of "MARC" and "NSDM_V_MARC" are not consistent however, meaning that the operation had to be terminated.

Transaction MM03 (Display Material). Dump after STTPEC add-on installation). Example from ST22:

Resolution from Note :

  1. Start SAP ABAP Development Tools and connect it to your system.

  2. Create a new DDL Source. Therefore, right-click the project and select New - Other ABAP Repository Object.

  3. In the popup window choose the node Core Data Services - Data Definition and click Next.

  4. Specify Package, Name and Description. Please use the suffix _DDL in the Name (e.g. Z_STTPEC_MARC_DDL). And click Next.

  5. Specify a Transport Request and click Next. You can skip this step in case you decide to create it as a local object.

  6. Select the template Extend View and then click Finish.

  7. Edit the generated file as follows:

    @AbapCatalog.sqlViewAppendName: '/STTPEC/MARC_V'@EndUserText.label: 'Extension View for Append /STTPEC/MARC'extend view NSDM_E_MARC with /STTPEC/MARC_E {             /STTPEC/SERVALID}

  8. Save the created DDL Source and activate it.

  9. Navigate to the proxy view NSDM_V_MARC in package MBND_PUBLIC and activate it.

  10. Open table MARC in transaction SE11 and activate it.

My small explanation of this solution.

At this point, you need Eclipse IDE (I have tested it in Eclipse IDE Photon version)

Also, you need ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA Tools

Download link for Eclipse - SAP Development Tools for Eclipse Photon -

At the same machine, your must-have SAP Logon with proper connection settings

Step #1.  

Start SAP ABAP Development Tools and connect it to your system.

Step #2.  

Create New ABAP Project -Associate it with your system

Provide: Client, User, Password, Language

Step #3.

Create ABAP Repository Object - > Core Data Services -> Data Definition

Step #4.

Specify Package, Name, and Description. Please use the suffix _DDL in the Name (e.g. Z_STTPEC_MARC_DDL). And click Next.

At this point, you must have Z-package for z-object  Z_STTPEC_MARC_DDL (e.g. ZSTTP)

You can create it in transaction SE80 in your DEV-system

Finally, ZSSTP package must be the same:

After that, you can transfer ZSTTP to another system via the transport system

N.B. Create transport request for package: SE80 ->Write Transport Entry ->All Objects


This blog-post opens a series of blog-posts about SAP ATTP and ATTP add-ons STTPEC and STTPEW.

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