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You want to know how to install the language pack.

For example, you install a new system and in transaction SMLT (Language Management) you find only English and German languages.

Your goal adds the Russian language to the system and set the Russian language as a default language



Step 0. Backup your system.

Step 1. Download media files from Launchpad portal

Step 1.1. How find a language pack for my SAP-system?

Case 1: Find related information in Note 330104

330104 - Transportrequests used for language delivery // SRx

Case 2 (described in Note 2494843)

2494843 - How to find language medias that are not listed in note 330104

For example for newly installed SAP BW system based on NetWeaver 7.5 (System was installed from Installation Export NW AS ABAP 750 -> file

Goto Launchpad portal

And provide in search string ISO-number (in our case - 51050829)

Result: Two ISO - Language 1/2 and Language 2/2

Extract "RU" folder from the archive

Step 2. Files uploading

Upload RU language pack to <TRANS_DIR>/EPS/in

Eg: /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in

Step 3. Log-on to 000 client

Very important. Log-on to 000 client.

Step 4. NLS installation tool.

Transaction - SMLT - (and in menu) - Other Tools

Alternative: Transaction SA38 ->RSTLAN_TOOLS

Step 4.1. NLS installation tool. Add Language

Select Add Language and select 'RU' Russian language string.

Step 4.2. NLS installation tool.  Activate language

Activation process...

Step 5. Add language and Supplementation Language

Transaction - SMLT - Language Management

New Language - Russian

Supplementation Language - for example, English

N.B. You can only specify a supplementation language once.

Step 6. Import language package

Step 6.1

Transaction - SMLT - Language Management

Select created language (the Russian language in our case) and select Import Package pictograph

Step 6.2.  Path to language package

  1. Provide the path to <TRANS_DIR>/EPS/in

  2. Check status

  3. Set Import into All Clients in Settings

  4. Start Immediately and Execute

Step 6.3. Import Log

Investigate import log in

SMLT transaction

and in STMS transaction

N.B. You can check the situation on OS-level via tp-utility too.

Some useful commands:

tp showbuffer <SID> pf=/usr/sap/<transDIR>/bin/TP_DOMAIN_<SID>.PFL

Step 7. Maintain parameter zcsa/installed_languages

Transaction - RZ10 - Maintain Profile Parameters

zcsa/installed_languages (System-wide logon languages)  is a dynamic parameter so system restart is not mandatory

Parameter value - DER (Deutch, English, Russian)

Step 8.  Maintain parameter zcsa/system_language

Transaction - RZ10 - Maintain Profile Parameters

zcsa/system_language  (default logon language) is not a dynamic parameter so system restart is mandatory

Parameter value R - default log-on on the Russian language.

Step 9. Import Language Parts of Support Packages

Transaction SA38 (ABAP Reporting)-> RSTLAN_IMPORT_OCS



Language locked in SMLT transaction

The situation on OS level (tp util):

status - will not be imported because it is not tagged.

Resolution of problem:

Please wait 10-15 minutes and check it again.


"Must be imported" error in RSTLAN_IMPORT_OCS

Resolution of problem:

Error depicted in Note #2163346


SAP BASIS Routine task with examples from real life was provided



Friendly advice for a Language strategy for a new system:

  • Install a new system via SWPM

  • Install desired language

  • Update system via SUM/SUM2


Language Import with Transaction SMLT

330104 - Transportrequests used for language delivery // SRx

2456868 - Troubleshooting language installation and translation issues - CTS-LAN-WIKI

How to use SAP Note 330104 to confirm you have the correct Language Package

2494843 - How to find language medias that are not listed in note 330104

1156507 - Language supplementation, RSREFILL and client maintenance

886535 - Downloading multispanning archives (RAR archive)

18601 - Frequently asked questions about language transport

2163346 - Import Language Parts of Support Packages looking for old packages

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