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For those customers who have not activated SAP Cloud ALM tenant, following instruction might be helpful for acquiring the Cloud product.

SAP Cloud ALM is our application lifecycle management offering for cloud-centric customers. It provides extensive implementation and operations capabilities for cloud solutions.

Before starting the activation of SAP Cloud ALM, please make sure your S-users meet the prerequisites:

  • You have an S-user with at least one of the following authorizations:

    • Edit Authorizations in the User Data section

    • Edit Cloud Data in the Cloud section, for one or more installations

    You can verify that you have the required roles under My Authorizations and FunctionsInformation published on SAP site.

  • You're assigned to the respective customer.

More details can be found at SAP Help Portal - Setup and Administration for SAP Cloud ALM.

To start the activation process, go to SAP Cloud ALM  homepage and click 'Request' button as below.

Request SAP Cloud ALM

On SAP Cloud Access Management page, click 'Request' button under column name 'Action'.

SAP Cloud ALM Access Management

If you can not see the 'Request' button or the button is greyed it means you have customers without an SAP Cloud ALM entitlement, or we did not find any customers for you. SAP Cloud ALM usage rights (entitlements) are included in SAP Enterprise Support, cloud edition. For details, refer to the SAP Cloud ALM usage rights information in the SAP Support Portal. If your company is entitled to request SAP Cloud ALM but the option to request SAP Cloud ALM is not available, open My Important Contacts in your ONE Support Launchpad user menu and locate users with function User Administrator. These users will have permission to request SAP Cloud ALM provisioning.

On the popup dialog - Agree to SAP Cloud ALM Order Document, click 'Agree' button if you agree on the order document.

Agree to SAP Cloud ALM Order Document

On 'Request SAP Cloud ALM' page, select the region where to deploy the cloud. There is default name for the cloud tenant in 'Subdomain' area and you can rename it as you need.

Request SAP Cloud ALM

A recording of the steps for requesting SAP Cloud ALM tenant is also available at SAP Help Portal - Setup and Administration for SAP Cloud ALM.

More guidelines and offerings about SAP Cloud ALM could be found at SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps -> Application Lifecycle Management Value Map. We, focus advisors, from the Value Map team are providing further details and are there to support you.

May you have a wonderful journey with SAP Cloud ALM.
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