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In this blog, we will provide the detailed steps to reset secure storage password for MaxDB database Studio (master password for Database Studio)


1. User is unable to login to MaxDB database studio due to an incorrect secure storage password.

2. You have installed a new MaxDB Studio and unaware of the secure storage password to login into the Studio for the first time.

Prompting password to login into newly installed Studio


Password incorrect pop-up


  • Click on cancel on the above Secure storage pop-up message and you will receive the below screen.

Could not connect server message screen

  • Click on OK to proceed further.

  • Go to Window --> Preferences.

  • Expand General --> Security. Click on Secure storage hyperlink.

  • Go to Contents tab and expand [Default Secure Storage].
    Now expand, then click on windows64.
    Select the encryptedPassword row and click on Delete button.

  • Click on Yes to delete the default secure storage and all the data in it.

  • Secure storage will be deleted now. Click on yes to restart the Application.

  • The MaxDB Studio will be closed now. Open the application again and now you will be prompted to set a new password. Provide the new password and Click on OK.

  • You will get a message saying "A new master Password has been created...". Click on yes if you want to provide additional information on Password Recovery (optional).


By following the above steps, we can easily reset the secure storage password of MaxDB Database Studio.

Thank you for reading!



Gauri Priyanka
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