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As a basis admin, you have to keep a lot of SAP notes in mind, and periodically reading them is a must. So I set up a QuickSearch in Chrome for SAP notes.

Result: I can now type in the URL bar

sapnote 2456432

and it will redirect me to thus displaying the note directly.

If you want the same, go to Chrome -> (three dots) -> Settings -> Search Engine -> Manage Search Engines -> Add:

add a quicksearch for SAP notes


You can name it like you want, e.g. "sap" will be triggered by the short-cut "sap" instead of "sapnote".

I love this for my working style, because it feels much more "flowing" to enter into the browser

sapnote 2456432

Then going to the SAP notes search, clicking on the search field, entering a number and typing ENTER. Hope you like it too 🙂

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