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Running an Operations Control Center (OCC) today, i.e. the management of hybrid system and solution landscapes, includes intelligent technology and processes. As previously outlined, the Operations Control Center addresses IT usecases and services such as Monitoring, Alerting, Reporting/Analytics, Dashboards/Telemetry, as well as efficient and effective Root Cause Analysis and Issue Resolution Procedures. The concept is tried and tested; the interested reader finds a series of articles about Run Operations topics starting here.

We are honored that the Intelligent Operations Control Center has been accepted as a nomination for the prestigious SAP Innovation Award 2022. Please find the customer nomination and pitch deck here, and further articles and details in the appendix.


IT Automation Management – General Introduction:

IT Automation Management – Specific Processes:

Intelligent OCC – Advanced Features:

Intelligent OCC – Automation (RPA 4 OCC):

Intelligent OCC – Collaboration (CAI 4 OCC):

Intelligent OCC – Analytics (SAC 4 OCC):

Intelligent OCC – Simplified Business Process Monitoring/Intelligence (BPI 4 OCC):

Intelligent OCC – Experience Management for Operations (XM 4 OCC):

Intelligent OCC – Machine Learning for Operations Platforms: Motivation:

Intelligent OCC – Machine Learning for Operations Platforms: Implementation:
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