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During heterogenous migration, many files get generated to ensure proper migration of data from source to target .

Some of the files are DDL<DBS>.TPL,<PACKAGE>.EXT,PACKAGE/VIEW.STR,PACKAGE.TOC,PACKAGE.nnn,PACKAGE.LOG etc. (We can find most of these files even in normal SUM run. Just that we might not have used these effectively )

Among this the file PACKAGE.STR is the file which is created by R3LDCTL and is know as the DB independent structure file . This has tables or index structure of ABAP dictionary. These files describe every table and index recognized in the SAP data dictionary.


This file has the structure as below.

-Table,primary index,secondary index

-Next extent size for table or index

-buffer flag

-Table type with column or row flag

                               -R3LOAD activity => all,data,struct

-Field definitions

-Fields of primary index

-View fields and query statement

-Logical structure of cluster tables

-User defined database functions

In above, R3LOAD activity controls if a table structure to be imported, or both its data and structure or data alone(in this case table should be manually created)

                                   All – create table/index and load data

                                   Data – load data only (table must be created manually)

                                  Struct-create table / index , but do not load data

NOTE:Task files contains no data export/import for tables marked with activity struct

This file can be modified according to our needs and help us to control the table import. When we change the activity from ‘all’ to ‘struct’ we will be able to prevent data getting loaded for specific table in target .However the target structure will be migrated.


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