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In my previous blog Step towards CI and CD Set up in S/4HANA System; I talked about setting up SAP Predelivered pipeline along with observations /issues faced during the CI and CD set up . In this Blog post I will talking about Hybrid scenario where you can have both gCTS and traditional CTS used in your Landscape.

Many customers as of today are hesitant about using gCTS along with their Prod instance where Approver needs to manually merge the changes in Master Branch for moving the changes to PRD. And they prefer to use the traditional way of moving changes into PRD via CTS as they have been using this since long and adapting to new changes might take some for them. Such customers can take advantage of Hybrid Scenario.

Example of Hybrid Scenario depicted below:


  • Here we have gCTS set up between DEV and QAL system and classic CTS between QAL and PRD system Landscape.

  • In general TOC is moved into QAL when gctsDeploy pipeline is triggered; but you can set configuration parameter in QAL system as shown below -- then the Workbench request will be imported in QAL system

Now as and when Transport request is released from DEV system; gCTS is moved to GitHub and on Deploy pipeline trigger ; it gets imported into QAL system as Workbench request as shown below

Here first 3 characters of Transport request correspond to vSID used in gCTS Configuration. Between QAL and PRD we can have regular Transport Route for CTS movement. Now the TR is also available in Production system Buffer Queue and can be imported into PRD

So, in this blog post I have covered Hybrid Scenario which can be used by Customers .I will keep sharing my experiences as we move ahead on this Journey of CI and CD Set up .


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