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Why IPC uses CRM as database and not R/3....

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Hi ,

Can any one tell me <b>Why IPC uses CRM as database and not R/3 ?</b>

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Answers (2)

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Hi Ritu,

This is the SAP architecture and from CRM 5.0 onwards IPC is integrated part of SAP CRM and known as SAP Application Platform. So from 5.0 onwards we do not have IPC standalone.

with this I say that since IPC is part of CRM , it usese CRM database.

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Best regards,


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Hello Ritushree,

Did you figure out the solution?

If yes, then please share.

Well i haven't worked at IPC, but as far as i know there is no such condition that IPC can only be implemented using CRM and not R/3.

Please share the feedback.

Thanks and Regards,


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HI ,

IPC can use 3 types of database as and they are as follows :

1. CRM

2. R/3

3. Any Non sap system.

In case of R/3 and Any non sap system it is said that the data is loaded into the ipc database using dataloader.

u can refer this site :

Thanks ritu