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Where is "//<CONTEXT NODE>/parameters" stored technically?

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Hi all,

when building a search page using the <thtmlb:advancedSearch> the values to be displayed as search criteria are defined via the values attribute. This attribute is populated by means of "//<CONTEXT NODE>/parameters". Where exactly do these 'parameters' come from technically? It is not a method call and also not an attribute of an object since there is no prefix "<%' used. Is this stored in a file somewhere in the SAP system and how could I look at it?

Thanks and Regards,


    <thtmlb:advancedSearch id                = "AdvancedOrderSearch"

                           fieldMetadata     = "<%= controller->get_dquery_definitions( ) %>"

                           header            = "<%= searchobject->get_param_struct_name( ) %>"

                           fieldNames        = "<%= controller->get_possible_fields( ) %>"

                           values            = "//searchobject/parameters"

                           maxHits           = "//searchobject/max_hits"

                           ajaxDeltaHandling = "false"

                           onEnter           = "SEARCH" />

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jens,

The 'parameters' are nothing but the attributes of the corresponding context node. In your case, attributes of the context node 'searchobject'.



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