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what is business object repository

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hi all

please tell me what is BOR,how we define the objects ,how to create new objects,how to enhance the object type,all the concepts of the object

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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BOR is a repository of all the BUISNESS OBJECTS IN SAP


there in SWO1 you can see all the objects there methods and ecents,attributes etc.

Business Object Repository


All SAP business object types, SAP interface types, and their methods are defined and described in the Business Object Repository (BOR). The Business Object Repository was introduced in R/3 Release 3.0, at the same as time as SAP business objects and SAP Business Workflow. At first, the BOR was mainly used by SAP Business Workflow.


With the introduction of BAPIs in R/3 Release 3.1, the BOR assumed an important new role - it is now the central access point for external applications to access SAP business object types, SAP interface types and their BAPIs.

The BOR has two essential functions:

It defines and describes SAP business objects and SAP interface types and their BAPIs.

If you are developing an application program, you retrieve details of the SAP business object types or SAP interface types, their key fields and their BAPI methods from the BOR. The BOR contains all the information you need to integrate the correct object type definitions and BAPI calls into your application program.

It creates instances of SAP business objects.

The runtime environment of the BOR receives requests to create runtime objects from client applications and creates the appropriate object instances

more you can see in

hope it will serve your purpose

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moreover we have BO browser which will explain you further,here are details

Business Object Repository Browser


Using this function, you can access the Business Object Repository and navigate within it.

You call this function:

If you want an overview of the existing object types.

If you want to maintain individual object types from the overview.

You cannot create new object types in the Business Object Repository Browser.

You can maintain object types you know directly from the Business Object Builder.


When you call the Business Object Repository Browser, the system takes account of the filter criteria set.

Filter Criteria When Calling

You define the filter criteria by selecting . The filter criteria are on the following tab pages:

Filter object types

You use these filters to select the object types displayed according to class, transport property and release status.

Filter relationshipsYou use these filters to select the relationships displayed between the object types.

Other filtersYou use these filters to influence whether and how the names of the object types and application components are displayed.

You can save the filter criteria set for the next time the Business Object Repository Browser is called. To do this, choose Settings ® Save filter.

Displaying the object types

The display of the object types in the Business Object Repository Browser depends on the filter criteria with which you called the Business Object Repository Browser.

If you choose to have the assignment to a package (application component) as well as the relationships to other object types displayed for the object types, only the object types assigned directly to the component are displayed in the component assignment.

Searching in the Business Object Repository Browser

You can search for object types in the hierarchy of the Business Object Repository.

If an "appropriate" object type is found and you have selected in the whole hierarchy as a search criterion, the hierarchy is expanded at the relevant point.


You call the Business Object Repository Browser from the Business Object Builder. Choose Business Object Repository and select the number of object types to be displayed in the dialog box Business Object Repository Browser: Entry Screen. Select Other settings to specify individual filter criteria.

in case of any doubt revert back

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Answers (2)

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Does a query can be seen on the BOR?

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Hello Lance,

The BOR is the whole collection of all your business logic in CRM. Each Business Object (Opportunity, Activity, Service Transaction, ...) is modeled as a 'class' (not 100% pure object oriented class but it looks like it) containing the whole SAP business logic in that class. (a class with Interfaces, Key Fields, Attributes, Methods, Events, ...) That class is represented as a technical object that starts with 'BUSxxxxxxx' (you might have already seen that 'BUSxxxx'). So, basically the collection or repository of all the Business Objects in the system is called the BOR.

Where to see and enhance them?

Transaction SWO1.

To enhance a standard BO, enter the appropiate BO in the input field and select 'Object Type->Inheritance->Create Subtype'. When you activate the subtype SAP will now execute, each time that BO is instantiated, your enhanced business logic of the subtype you created.

The link between your Transaction Types and a Business Object?

If you take a look in the Trans. Type customzing you see that the 'Leading transaction category' is in fact the assignment to which BO that TT belongs. (You can see which BUSxxxxx object if you activated 'Expert Mode')

Hope this makes it clear to you.

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Kind regards,


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