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What Event start when a user has selected an option in combobox ???

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Hello Experts, I need your help, please.

Thanks in advance.

How I can detect when a user is typing in a textbox or select an option in combobox or check in checkbox???

What event listen this????

A lot of thanks

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Please put a break point in all method's of PRIVATE_FLAG attribute and check what ever u want. This attribute is checkbox in the view.

component - BT126H_APPT

View - ApptDetails

context Node - BTActivityH




When we check the check box at that time SET_XXXXXX method exicute.

Sequence to triger event for a attribute is

first triger Set_XXXX method --> GET_P_XXXX method -->GET_I_XXXX method -->GET_V_XXXX --> GET_XXXX method -->GET_M_XXXX method

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A lot of thanks for your help,

in component IUCONFIG

view ConfigTree

(This view corresponds to configurable attributes of product)

In node ISUORDERITEMCONFIG there are some attributes,

ATTR_VALUE, ATTR_NAME, this attributes have the methods SET_*, GET_M, GET_V, GET_P, but I have put a break point and doesn't stop. In oder components I don't have this problem,

I think this is because ISUORDERITEMCONFIG have a Tree struct and proxy node.

Could you help me pleases?

Thanks in advance


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Why dont you proceed like this as this a generic way to shoot almost all the problems related to the fields in the web UI.

1) In the Web UI, press the F2 button on the field. You will get to know the technical properties of the field.

2) Log in to SAP GUI and go to the component -> view -> context node -> attribute

3) Each attribute has 5 methods. You can regenerate them by right clicking on the field. If you dont find the method, dont be scared .. the idea of these 5 methods is :

a) GET_ [attribute name] --> value getter

b) SET_[attribute name] --> value setter

c) GET_M_[attribute name] --> gives the metadata when the user does F2 on the web UI

d) GET_I_[attribute name] --> for enabling and disabling the field

e) GET_P_[attribute name] --> You can call a method which actually does the custom logic of launching a pop up etc

f) GET_V_[attribute name] --> What type of field it is ? I mean, you can make it as a link, dropdown, check box etc .. and during server event u can specify which event handler should be called.

So, in your case put a break point in GET_V and GET_P methods of the attribute. Hope this helps.