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View Product Configuration from R3 in CRM

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Hi All,

I have a CRM 5.0 and ERP ECC 6 scenario with configurable products being created in R/3. The configuration goes to CRM by building a Knowlegde base and creating a Runtime Version. When I try to see the product configuration in CRM, it shows me the line in the product correct and when I try to simulate the html page shows me the following error:

Internal error : 500- Exception while getting the JCO.Function for function 'SPC_GET_DOCUMENT_INFO'. Message: Cannot connect to backend system. user missing. parameters: [client]='null' [user]='null' [language]='null' [ashost]='null' [systemnumber]='null' [mshost]='null' [gwhost]='null' [gwserv]='null' [group]='null' [systemid]='null' <br/>Properties: {lang=*}<br/>Client not connected

I probably need some further customizing but I dont know where I'm supposed to configure this...

Can you guys give me a help?

Thanks and Best Regards,

Carina Maeiro

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Answers (5)

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Hi Mark,

Actually I had already solved the proble, but forgot to close the thread

And yes, it was exactly how you discribed it!

Thank you for your input anyway

You too have fun!



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sometimes solutions appear so fast :-).

To fix this problem you just have to understand the help documentation. That was my problem to. What do sap mean by

TYPE caller

TYPENAME crmproductsimulation

PARNAME scenario.xcm

VALUE <b>my_crmproductsimulation (name of the customer's application configuration)</b>

In the xcm configuration http://<WAS IP>:50100/ipc/admin/xcm/ you have to create a customer application. Thats it and then you have to link it over crm_ipc_prop.

Howto: go to the xcm configuration. Go into EDIT mode.Select application configurations. Then select crmproductsimulation or crmordermaintain. Then add a name for the 'Create customer application configuration based on this SAP application configuration'. I suggest naming conventions e.g. ordermaintain for crmordermaintain and productsimulation for crmproductsimulation.

Afterwards choose the right systemconnection for parameter jcodata.

Then maintain comm_ipc_prop and use this name as value for the above mentioned parameter (scenario.xcm).

Thats all.....

I Think that will shurly solve you problem. By questions just contact

Wish a lot fun with configuration in CRM

Yours Mark

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Hello Carina,

we got the same error message and followed the same suggestions. But unfortunatly the same problem. For your JCO I can say that we have the same situation that the component JCO couldn`t be maintained. But after patching our java stack the functionality works.

After maintaining JCO with the connection parameters, I was able to show the configuration on the webserver directly by using that url: . There you have a web site where you can press productsimulation. The search site open. There press submit button. Then the available knowledgebases are shown and can be configured.

I keep you informed about the further solutionsteps. Please do the same.

Best regards, Mark

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Hi Debolina,

I did what you suggested. I configured the XCM (although for some reason I couldn't configure the JCo data for those components) and also updated the table COMM_IPC_PROP (followed the help to configure it). But I still get the same error?

Any more tips?

Thanks and Best Regards,

Carina Maeiro

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Hi Carina

First of all you have to maintain the correct url in the table 'COMM_IPC_URL'. This can also be done through the IMG path CRM --> Basic Functions --> Configuration Engine --> Define URLs

Have you maintained the XCM settings for IPC? If no, then you have to maintain them for the Application components 'crmproductsimulation' and 'crmordermaintain'. Activate your crmordermaintain application and restart the j2EE engine.

After these settings are done you have to maintain the entries for these two in the table 'COMM_IPC_PROP'.

These steps shall solve your problem.

Plz reward points if it helps.

Thanks and regards