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Vertex RFC configuration

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Hi All,

We are facing a problem in getting RFC connection to the Vertex from SAP. We have set up Vertex and we want to make a physical connection through RFC but we are facing erros when we test the RFC connection. Can any one please let me know how to establish the RFC connection between VErtex and SAP. Please provide me the Values for all the field in SM59.

I got a document and I followed the below steps but still we are getting errors and please let me know the solution.

Communications between R/3 and a sales/use tax package are established using SAP RFC (Remote Function Calls). You must create an RFC destination that specifies the type of communication and the directory path in which the tax package executable or shell scripts program is installed. You must set up the RFC destination as a TCP/IP communication protocol. The destination name is user defined.

IMG Path: Financial accounting>Financial accounting global settings>Taxes on sales/purchases>Basic settings>External tax calculation>Define physical destination

1. Choose Execute.

2. Choose Create.

3. Select and input a logical name for the RFC Destination, for example, u201CSABRIXu201D or u201CTAXWAREu201D or u201CVERTEXu201D

4. Under Connection type enter T.

5. Enter a short description text.

6. Choose Enter.

7. Define the directory path.

This is the directory path in which the tax package executable or shell script program is installed.

There are two recommended methods to define the directory path:

u2022 SAP and Tax Software Package reside on the same server

If R/3 and the external tax package are to reside on the same server, click Application Server to select as the program location. In the field Program, the external tax packageu2019s executable or shell script program, along with the directory path in which it was installed, must be specified. Click Save.

u2022 SAP and Tax Software Package reside on different servers

If R/3 and the external tax package were to reside on different servers, then this would be an explicit communication setup. Click Explicit host. In the field Program, input the external tax packageu2019s executable or shell script program along with the directory path in which it was installed. In the field Target Host, enter the host name of the server where the external tax package resides. Click Save.

8. If necessary, set up the correct SAP gateway host and gateway service. This setup is frequently an area of concern. An understanding of the directory path is of utmost importance. SAP Labs, Inc. u2013 Tax Interface Group 12

R/3 Tax Interface Configuration Guide Release 4.6x

2. Test the connection

To test the connection between R/3 and the external tax system, choose the Test connection button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

If any error occurs, verify that:

1. The connection type is TCP/IP.

2. Program location and host name are correctly specified.

3. The directory path and the name of the executable program are correct.

4. The gateway host and service name is correctly specified

5. The external tax package has been installed correctly and is the correct version.

6. The external tax packageu2019s API for the R/3 tax interface is installed correctly and is the correct version.

7. The R/3 RFC libraries are the correct version.

8. The correct permissions are set for the user account.

9. The user has read/write authority.

If this test fails, halt the installation! This test must be successful in order for R/3 to communicate with the external tax package.

If the connection is successful, also verify that the external tax package installed supports the R/3 4.6 version of the API. You do that by going to:

System Information􀃆Function List

Check if the following functions are listed:





If one ore more of these functions are missing please contact your external tax system vendor for their latest version. Please note: as Sabrix has been certified as an external tax vendor for releases 4.6C and higher, they do not list these functions explicitly in the RFC Function List!

Thaks and Regards,


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Dear Ramesh,

luckily you've already found an expert helping you und ERP Finacials.

If you could close this no longer needed thread, we would appreciate your doing so very much.

Best regards,


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Hi Angelika,

My issues is not yet solved and I am waiting for the reply.

Can you please let me know who the expert is?

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi Ramesh

I am not an/ the expert. However, when searching for SAP Notes in the Online support system ("Vertex + RFC") you get some hits of type "Additional Recommendations". Note 706438 (Running the external tax system as a service) looks quite interesting.

Did you already check the notes?


Andreas R

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Hello Ramesh,

please have a look at

I Hope this will solve your problem, if not do let me know and I will try my best to assist.

Best regards,


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Hi Angelika Foerster ,

Thanks for the reply but my problem is not solved and I am still facing the issue in connecting to the Vertex through RFC and currently I am maintaining the below Values.

Connection Type : TCP/IP Connection

Activation type : Start on Application Server

Program : /SAPVERTEX/translink/

Start type of External Program : Default Gateway Value

Please let me know if these are wrong and let me know what are the values that I want to change