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Use of CRM Actions (CRM 2005)

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Hi all,

We have a automated business process containing several steps. A process engine drives the process forward and will determine which service to execute next by looking up a configuration table with this information. Each step will perform some sort of service (call function module/BAPI, webservice or "something" else that we define). In order to provide the stateless and reusable services with context, we intent to use CRM Actions. We have an object that will contain data related to a customer, and need to map relevant data from the object to a service. Our initial idea is that Actions can fetch data from the object, and provide our service with this data.

Can this be done?

I need to figure out how to customize CRM Actions, so that we can use it to our specific needs, i.e. by having actions start our custom ABAP code or potentially some standard code.

Ideally, we would like to have just one generic action that we can call from the process engine, and have the action map the data as described above. We would like to have just one action for easier maintenance and reusability purposes. This generic action will have be sophisticated enough to determine the current state of the process, receive information from the process engine about which service must be executed, fetch relevant data from the object and call the service with this information. How can we manage to have this one action, and reuse it as we wish?

Alternatively, we will have to create one action for each service (1:1). Will this be the better way to go, having reuse and maintenance in mind?

We are keen to know about the possibilities for triggering actions (especially if we have only one action for all services), anyone have comprehensive list or link to a website where this documentation can be found.

As a final question, what benefits will CRM Actions provide over buliding the logic we need by hand? We need to be able to monitor the status of processing, and keep a log of results from the services.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,

Thomas Kjelsrud

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Thomas

Actions use the Post Processing Framework(PPF),a basis component,which can be automated with the intiations of output,follow-on documents or work flows.Using the action tabpage within a business document,you can list of actions that can be included in the business transaction.

Eg of an action.

Quotation> Action > set quotation to be completed> Condition >Validity period expired.

Processing Action

An Action profile is determined from the corresponding transaction type or item category.

Actions are stored as action definitions within an action profile.

You can control action processing using different settings and parameters

Action changeable or executable in dialog

Action displayed in toolbar(SAP GUI)

Processing time

Partner dependence

Determination technique

Action merging

Processing types.

Action Monitor

The action monitor gives you an overview of all planned actions and their staus.

You can trigger repeat action processing and display output.

The action monitor program RSPPFPROCESS,orginates from the Post Processing Framework.You can use this program to check processing for all actions.

When you use the action monitor,you can obtain an overview of which actions have been issued sucessfully.The Satus column displays whether the action is not processed,processed sucessfully or processed with errors.

As soon as the processing time processing by selction report for an action is set in customizing.

Action monitor to process actions with processing time when saving.

Customising > CRM >Basic Functions >Actions


Triggered by basis PPF,which does not require commit work.

Work flow settings not required.

Processes single steps in CRM systems.

Used independently of business workplace.

I hope this helps


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Hi Natarajan,

How can automate the triggering of actions.

I want to trigger action when Opportunity created in back ground .

and create pdf out of smartform.



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You can use the graphical tool.SAP Smart forms to design the layout of output forms,

SAP delivers several samrt forms for output s in SAP CRM:




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I'm not looking for smart form names...

I need the action of smqrt form to be triggered automatically and the o/p to be downloaded into

pdf file and save on server.



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You can define your own BAdI implementation to adopt actions to your processes and needs

EXEC_METHODCALL_PPF is the relevant BAdi

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Answers (1)

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After reading your post it sounds as though workflow might be the solution to your questions.

Workflow can be as flexible as you want it to be. It will accomadate standard or custom approaches and provides robust tracking and audit capabilities.

Business objects can be extended for custom development, bapi calls, rfcs, etc. Workflow can be launched via remote calls from external systems. Conditional logic can be inserted to accomodate a variety of scenarios.