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Unable to create action button on EC

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      Please help me with this,       

          How to create action button on embedded component to retrieve the customer data from xml and to display it on the standard screen?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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At a high level this is what you would on a standard screen/BO with the Cloud Application Studio:

Backend configuration...

1. Create an Extension BO on the Standard BO and add extension fields to the Extension BO which will contain all of the extension fields you want to add to the Standard BO to show the custom data. (FYI... this is what happens in background in the C4C platform when you create a KUT based extension field)

2. Create a custom action on the Standard BO. Depending on the usecase you would either put this action on the root (header) or the node (items)

3. Write an ABSL script as part of the custom action you created in step 2 that would call an API or get data from other C4C objects to populate the extension fields you created in step 1

Frontend configuration...

4. Create an embedded component bound to the standard BO and add UI elements like section groups, tabs, fields, tables, labels, buttons, links, etc... how you want the extension fields to be visualized with the best UX

5. Add the embedded component as a tab on the standard UI via the extensibility explorer

6. Add a custom button to the header for the custom action you created in step 2 on the standard UI via the extensibility explorer (you could also add this same button in step 5 if you want the button in the tab instead of the header)

The SDK forum would be good to ask question on each of above steps or need specific examples how to do them.

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Hi Rei,

         Actually I have tried all these steps. I created an action button on EC in standard BO but that is disabled in the standard screen I couldn't use that button to trigger an event.

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