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target group & graphical modeler(webui)

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1. Hi All,

Iu2019m new to the web ui, can any one tel me abt creating the

a) Target group in webui

b) scheduling the job for the target group.

c) After scheduled the job how system can respond.

d) Plz help me know these concepts with clear steps.

2. How a graphical modeler can work in the (web ui), when I clicking on that nothing is displaying on the screen, except save, cancel and setting, even when Iu2019m clicking on the setting system not responding anything, any configuration is require for this to get the information in settings?

plz help me solve the issue.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As Graphical modeler run on java make sure that you have implemented the most current Java 2 Runtime Environment (SE v1.4.2_09 or higher) on your PC; after this you'll be able to create target group from graphical modeler.

Before creating target group you have to create and assign attributes to BP also have to create data source for attribute list further you can use this attribute to create target group


Path: WebUI->Marketing->Create-Segment

1) Create Profile set

2) Save Profile set

3) Click on graphical modeler to create target group using BP attributes.

Refer [Link|] for more deails



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