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Tab Hide/UnHide option

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Hi all,

I have the overview of screen sequence control which is the application to hide or display tabs present in a transaction.

currently I need the conditions tab in the item detail to be displayed in the standard order . What should I do. Which option should I select in Screen sequence control to enable the hidden tab.

Any idea about it.

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Silivia,

If I understand you correctly, you try to display the

Tab CONDITION in item. As I know, as long your Item

Category being used is Pricing Relevant, the Tab

Condition will appear automatically.

Now, before you go thru all complex steps for programming/

screen customization, I suggest you to check the Item

Category used in the transaction.

I think you know where to open the Item Category setting


Anyway, here is some guidance:

- Use tcode SPRO

- Go to CRM -> Transactions -> Define Item Categories

- Select which Item Category that you use in transaction

- Then click on Assignment of Business Transaction

(check the navigation menu on the left)

- Normarlly for Pricing relevant, you can see

Transaction Category = BUS2000115

- Click one of it and Click again Customizing Item

(navigation menu on the left)

Now here you should able to see the Check box for

Pricing Rel. (pricing relevant).

Please note that not all Transaction Category have this

Pricing Relevant setting. If you can tell what SAP

standard Item category that you use, may be I can guide

you more accurate.

Hope this helps. Let me know if this is not what you

are looking.



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Hi Gun,


What you have understood is correct. I want to display the condition tab in the item detail section. The problem is the pricing tab is displayed but not the condition tab is displayed in the item detail. I checked whether the pricing relevant checkbox is checked or not. It is checked. I am stil getting this problem. (If conditions are not created for the product, will the condition tab itself be not displayed).


In general, I want to know how to hide/display an already hidden screen through screen sequence control application.

for example I want to hide the billing tab in the item detail screen of telesales or sales order. What should I do.

could you share some information on this.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Silvia,

Here few things you can still check:

1. In PRICES Tab, please check :

- Pricing Procedure whether it determined correctly?

- Cust. Pric. Procedure determined correctly ?

2. Beside Item Category, you check also the Transaction

Type (check the Doc. Pricing Procedure) under Business

Transaction BUS2000115 Sales.

3. On Item Category in Pricing Data, check also Price

Indicator (must be checked as ACTIVE) and PRICING


Are you using standard Transaction Type and Item category?

If yes, please tell me so I can check with my system

to compare. For SALES Scenario these should work.

For customizing the screen there are some ways:

1. tcode : EEWB => normally used for adding new fields

to standard SAP Screen

2. tcode : SHD0 & CRMV_SSC => Create Screen Variant, where

you can manipulate the screen as another

screen variant and can be called later

using your own transaction

3. Use GUIXT (combination with tcode SHD0), is most tricky

technique to manipulate screen without

change SAP Standard program/enhance

you can visit : or

4. tcode CRMC_BLUEPRINT_C to customize user Interface


check SAP NOTE 772035 for some guide to use this tcode

5. Check SAP NOTE :

- 772035 Condition tab not visible in PCUI Contracts

- 615855 'Conditions' tab is missing in service


- 620145 'Conditions' tab page in service process


Let me know the result and your further queries.



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Hi Gun,

As you say, I would like to know how to use transaction CRMV_SSC (Screen sequence control) to hide or display any tab in an order transaction.

Any idea of how to achieve via CRMV_SSC transaction.

I appreciate your help.



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Hi Silivia,

Some sources you may take a look :

SAP Help Library -> My SAP Technology Components ->

ABAP Workbench -> Changing SAP Standard ->

Transaction Variants & Screen Variants

Give me your email address I may have document

relate to it.



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Hi Silvia,

Per standard SAP settings the condition tab should be available by default. If not use CRMV_SSC and go to option "Complete assignment of Tapstrip panel"

Make sure the following entry exists:

Profile type SALS

Screen Profile <*>

Tabstrip panel SALES_ID01

Tabstrip 5

Function code SALES_ITEM_PCON

Subscreen 7270

Program name


If this is isn't setup please add the entry and it should work.

Hope this helps!


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