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Syntax error after applying support pack 6 for CRM 7

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We have a syntax error after applying support pack 6 for CRM 7. The error appears in the WebUI when requesting to display an Account/contact.

The error is encountered because class 'CL_CRM_BUPA_VIEW_CONTROLLER' has a method 'DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT' which has an implementation (redefinition) but when you click on this method it can't find the code.

The solution would normally be simple in that all we do is reverse the redefinition of the method. However, I can't do this because when I attempt to change the class I get the message 'Carry out modification comparison for CPUB CL_CRM_BUPA_VIEW_CONTROLLER first. No changes possible'.

It then goes on to say that I need to use either SPAU of SE95 to compare this object. However, this object most definately is NOT in SPAU, and I can't find it via SE95 either,so far. The class reports that the transport for the last change is SAPKU7006 which is the transport for support pack 6.

Has anyone encountered anything similar to this or knows how I might be able to find this object, do the 'Comparison' and release the lock on the object. I assume I do need to be looking for object 'CL_CRM_BUPA_VIEW_CONTROLLER' in SPAU and SE95.

Yours desperately.


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We have also faced similar issues while applying SP6. Contact SAP, through OSS. After upgrading the Patch level there are some Notes that must be applied.

You will find some more issues as there are couple of more changes that SP6 comes with.



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Well, I finally resolved the issue. The problem was actually against another method of the same class. The method had some comments/remarks in the header and therefore found it to be different to the new version. The code was identical thouugh. It's about time some logic was built in to ignore comments and just compare the code. Anwyay, problem solved, I compared the other method and the lock was released. Suddenly, the Method DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT did have code behind it, so I did not actually have to do anything after this.