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Status management.- Distribute document on certain stauts

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Hi All,

We have confirmations in CRM. Right now there is no actions profile assigned to the transaction type so all the status we are using are open and completed.

Now the request is to introduce user statuses say




this is ok. but here is what should happen. When I set the status pending the document should be replicated to the backend.

I tried the bus transc. FINI and was able to achive this. -- but he system status is set to completed though my user status is pending.

How can I configure the system to distribute the document when I set a particular user status but at the same time not set the system status to completed.

Can this be achived -please advice.

Thank you

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Hello Ram,

You can define teh status in way that if you set the transaction status the corresponding action for this user status can be defined.

In your case, as I can understand, you want teh documents to be distributed to ECC based on certain user status.

For this you need to goto status management

Customer Relationship Management>Transactions>Basic Settings>Status Management>Change Status Profile for User Status

Goto particualr status profile

Goto transaction column & double click.

Here, you can set the next action for transaction based on user status.

You can try to set status"APDM" distribute to MSA for your user status. this might help in distributing documents based on user status.

Hope it will be helpful.



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As you have used FINI for the user status pending, the system status is set to completed.

You can remove FINI and just double click the user ststus pening in the status profile and assign a business transaction "To be distributed". Select the influence as "Allowed" in the radio button and try to create a new confirmation.

I hope this will work for you.



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That doesn't seem to work with you suggested solution.

Another information that I missed or no conveyed is that - the Confirmations are not actually replicated to ERP but updates the the Internal order that was created by the service order.

Probably there might be some thing else that should help us.

thank you

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Did any one configure User statuses for Confirmations. I found this but Doesn't seem to help much.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you