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SOS trade promotion error when release campaign product change UoM

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Hello SAP Guru's!

Currently we are facing an issue with a campaign of trade promotion, we complete all the main fields and add some products, when we add them the product show up correctly in the Products assignment block, but when we released the campaign an error comes that says UoM not valid for specific part number, then if we take a look on the product assignment block the unit of measure has been changed automatically for a UoM that is not even configured on MM01 for this material.

Is the first time that we face this issue for this process, that has been running for more than 4 years, I found SAP note

But not sure if apply because as far as the product concerns the UoM are correctly but the UoM that pops up when released campaign is not even configured.

Does anyone face a similar situation before????

Any guidence would be greatly appreciated!


Sue Mak

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Hello Sue,

is the issue happening in the trade promotion object or within the campaign?

In TPM the sale unit is determined on entering the product - this happens in the constructor of the product assignment item (CL_CRM_MKTGS_PROD_ITEM=>CONSTRUCTOR). On releasing the TP the sales unit is read for conditions generation but should not be influenced or changed.

I created a document about product assignment in CRM TPM - this does not necessarily contain a solution for the issue but may contain some additional information:

I did not yet face a similar issue, but maybe the following questions help to figure out the root cause - or at least to move in the right direction:

Do you have BAdI CRM_MKTPL_OL_ASG implemented for the product assignment? This can be used to influence the sales unit of the products.

Are you planning on products or product categories?

On additional question, do you use BPS or PAK as a BW planning application? Can you test if the design is the same once creating a TP without having planning integrated (so with removing the planning profile group from the TP)?

best regards,