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When I want to calculate pricing in service order,

the sistem get a RFC_VMC_COMMUNICATION_ERROR Dump,

Anybody know, what is the problem ?


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The following cases may result in the creation of the


1. VMC is not activated on the instance.

Activate the VMC as described in Note 854170.

2. VMC is activated, but cannot be started. The status in transaction

SM52 is "VMC is not active".

Check the dev_disp file in the work directory of the instance for

errors that affect the VMC.

3. VMC is activated but the virtual machines (VMs) cannot be started.

The VMC is deactivated automatically.

Check the dev_w* trace files for error messages that affect the VMs.

4. VMC was deactivated (manually) (see SM52).

Reactivate VMC in transaction SM52.

5. A VM is no longer available to execute the Java module. Either VMs

are no longer being released or you did not configure enough VMs for

the number of parallel requests.

In the default setting, the number of VMs corresponds to the number

of work processes on an instance. You can use the profile parameter:

rdisp/max_jvm = REM=<number>

to set this number (you can leave out the WEB=DEFAULT part where


As of patch level 61 (VMC patch collection 16), you can set a

maximum wait time for which the work process waits for a free

virtual machine. This allows you to avoid terminations during load

peaks since the occurrence of wait times also has an adverse effect

on performance. You can use the profile parameter:


to set the wait time to seconds. The default value is 0 (no wait time)

6. The VMC is automatically deactivated after a certain period of time

for no obvious reason. This problem only occurs under HP-UX and AIX

and is corrected with patch level 61. Note 946625 contains a

detailed description of this problem.

Hope this helps!