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Resend of quotations from CRM to R/3

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Hi all,

Quotes are created in CRM and they are marked as prefered quotes which means they need to reach R/3.

But due to some problems the quote created is not in R/3.

From that time onwards, whenever quotes is modified in Mobile sales with option "Prefered quote" , the quote does not reach R/3. It gives the error message , the quotes does not exist in R/3 as an update message is send to R/3.

Is there a report from SAP which can resend the existing quote in CRM to R/3 as a new quote to R/3, so that the quote gets created in R/3 or

can we achieve writing a small program. Could you please let me know.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Middleware developer

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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uno: always try to solve the error, take away it's cause because otherwise it will probably repeat itself.

--> If the quotation is not available in R/3 while it should be, the error can either be found in the queues, bdocs, short-dumps or...

Due: if you can't solve the error, but need to resend the quotation (because the data in incomplete for example), you can create a synchronisation request for sales transactions (since quotations fall under the one-order concept). Create the request and sync the data from CRM to R/3.



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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the answer. I am trying to find the reason unfortunately the Quota

tions which exist are very old ones 3 to 4 months back.

As the flow data is cleaned every week, I could not find the data in smw01, nor in the queue, nor in the short dump.

Hence I am trying to find out how to send these quotations to R/3.

1. The quotation does not exist in R/3 and hence I cannot resync from R/3 to CRM. Now I need to send this as a new record instead of an insert record.

2. If I try to resend from CRM enterprise the flow displays the error message, the quotation does not exist in R/3.

Could you please let me know how to achieve this.


middleware developer

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