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profile completion screen is not rendering within container after social login

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Hello Experts,

I am trying to implement social login(SAML) with external idp using gigya.socialize.login.

My website is publishing Registration-Login screens using a containerID.

We have link on Login screen(displayed in page within container)which triggers the SAML login flow using gigya.socialize.login js API.

where the call is made to initiate saml login by opening in pop-up window, then authenticating with Idp & closing the pop-up to come back to site.

Here we have some additional information to capture using profile completion screen. this is screen is not rendering within the container that I'm using for CDC screens. It is always coming up as pop-up modal.

Question is, is it possible to render these screens within container instead of pop-up modal?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Rohit,

This behavior is expected.

A way to change this behavior is to set a containerID in the console web-sdk configuration.

With this change you must be aware that you will be able to open gigya screens only inside a container and not in a modal.

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Thanks Shem,

That's really helpful

Actually I was seeting up container in pluginload event. but somehow it was not working. your suggested approach has worked ! kudos !!!

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