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Process Integration Errors - Business Partner Replicate Confirmation Out

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Our C4C system is integrated (HCI) with our On-Prem system for our Accounts and Employees.  SAP was our integrated but for awhile now we are getting Health Check Incidents created in regards to a Business Partner Replicate Confirmation Out issue.  Reading through the incident info and going to Business Communication Monitoring page, we see multiple Technical Error messages that are Outgoing.  Each one indicates it's an Internal Server Error that has a timeout inteval of 120 minutes.  I know I can restart them but have a few questions that hopefully someone can answer

1.  Why are they happening at a frequent rate?

2.  Does this indicate that something is not configured in the system correctly?

3.  Is my assumption that the issue lies in C4C since they are outgoing to our OnPrem system?

4.  What can we do to make these confirmation messages go through without error.

I have attached a copy of the incident info and the payload from one of the errors.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hello Jeff,

the Confirmation Message is mainly needed for storing an ID mapping in the system which has sended originally the Request message. If this confirmation message fails with an http code 500 then this indicates that the service is not properly configured. You should check your configuration on HCI and in CRM backend. A first check could be the "Connection Check" in the Communication Arrangement for this specific service. It should return something like 405 wrong method - this would indicate that the service is available on HCI.

Best regards,


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Thanks and I guess I'll have to dig into this.   We hired SAP as our integrator and it was working but not sure what happened on some of these.

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Hi Jeff,

It is not necessarily a configuration issue but I would suggest to check your communication arrangements and perform connection checks with your HCI. If the messages are not required you can cancel them and perform a manual replication to see if you still get the HTTP 500 error. I found some related cases where a re-processing helped to fix this as it was a temporary issue.

I hope this helps

Best Regards