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Problems in Easy Enhancement Workbench

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Hi All,

We are facing problems in creating an extension field through EEWB. What we tried is,

1. We first created a project in EEWB, here we entered the Project Name, Description and a package( for eg, CRM_OPPRT_H)

2. Then it asks for the Transport Request. We had one workbench request created for this, we used that.

3. Then we created an extension to the project. We entered values for the name and desc. of the enhancement, Business Object (Eg OPPORTUNITY) and Entension type (CUSTOMER_H)

4. After that we created the extension field, we have given the Extension Title, Selected the Business Transavtion Category(CRM Opprotunity), Entered the Field Descriptions, Assign the field to Header and at the end Defined Field Relevance for Data Exchange.We did not select any thing here as we are not going to use this in BW or Mobile etc.

5. And at the end when I select the complete button it asks for a package for the transport request, we have given CRM_CUSTOMER_H for that.

But when we click on save button, it throws an error saying "Customer object DTEL ZEEW_DATAELEMENT2101 cannot be assigned to package CRM_CUSTOMER_H". We have tried different combinations changing the Packages, for eg, for the first one it asks for the Project using CRM_CUSTOMER_H and for the second one CRM_OPPORT_H. Using same for both. changing the extension type to OPPORT_H, the same error comes.

Can somebody tell me where I am worng? And how do I correct it? Its really urgent for me.

Thanks in Advance,

- Prasenjit

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Prasenjit

I am not sure; but is both changes to client-specific and cross-client-specific objects allowed in the client you are working in?


Peter Michael

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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The EEWB creates customer-enhancements, meaning that you need to assign the enhancements to a customer-package (in the Z-namespace) and not to a standard package.

=> create a Z*-package yourself (se80) and assign the ehancements to that one.


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Prasenjit, you do require an own customer package (starting with a z) but what I thought was curious you mentioned that you had ony created a Workbench request for your extension. Since an EEW extension creates both customizing as well as workbench related changes you would need 2 seperate transports: 1 customizing request and 1 workbench request. Possibility could be that the client you are working with is closed for cross client customizing resulting in severe generation problems. Tiest.