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Problem with enhanced org. structure - how to add a new distribution channel in created sales organization?

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Hi, experts.

I faced a problem with new sales scenario. I need to add 2 new distr. channels. But yet in our production org structure is 1 sales organization (SalesOrg2) with 1 distr. channel.

New sales data with new sales organization was generated successfully, but new distribution channel in old sales organization wasn't generated successfully.

Problem is that i cannot add new distribution channel manually because distr. chan. D5 isn't available for selection in txn. POSSA_CRM

But in sales scenario new distribution channel was replicated right.

What is wrong? Is anybody knows solution of this issue?

Best regards,

Galinsh Tatyana.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Issue was solved. You must customize ERP in the same language as the CRM system.

Distribution channel is language-dependent.

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