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Problem in customizing webservice in hybris 5.4

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I created a new extension using extgen for customizing webservices.

I added the entries in localextensions.xml file.

I added the following line in extensioninfo.xml file of the new extension (webservice) ->

 <webmodule jspcompile="false" webroot="/irocksTest"/>

I added the following 2 lines in file of the new extension (webservice) ->


Now when i try to invoke the webservcie using this ->


It does not call any webservice instead takes me to admin console screen to enter username and password.

I have kept everything else unchanged.

What might be the problem?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Have you executed an ant clean all after you made the changes?

You can view the list of extensions started up in the hAC. Log into the hAC and navigate yourself to: Platform --> Extensions via the tabs.

the table lists all the extensions which started up with the server. There is also a column which specifies the web root of any extension with a web module. Can you see your custom OCC extension?

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Jonathan, Thank you very much.

Earlier it was not visible in hAC. I created the extension all over again using modulegen instead of extgen.

Now it is visible in hAC and also working fine.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Hris,

Have you added the platformwebservices extension to the localextensions.xml?

 <extension name="platformwebservices" />

The 5.2 trail for Webservices contains this, the newer trails with R5T in the URL doesn't explicitly say this.

I hope this works,

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I didn't know you needed this, if you were using OCC?