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PCUI: Object links not enabled/working!!

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We are on BBPCRM 4.0 support package SAPKU40008. The object links are not working. Means the hotspot is not activated in fields like 'Business partner'. We tried few application and all of them give the same result. Checked the authorization and roles for the application and that didn't help. Any idea?

Also we want to remove/hide the 'my favorites' from the 'Show' dropdown list. Is this possible?.

Thanks in advance for your reply

johnson zavier


The issue was the standard role was copied to 'Z' and given to the user however the configuration table CRMC_PRT_ROLE_MO holds the sap standard role names. Once copied the configuration to reflect Z role, then it showed the link.

thanks all for help.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I agree with the previous reply, basically our security group does not allow us to use standard SAP roles(probably the same at most companies) therefore we created ZRoles for our users. Then you simply need to copy the entries in the Blueprint IMG table for the standard roles to the name of your ZRoles. Then linking will work if you are using the standard Portal roles. If you also use a ZPortal Role, then you need to go back into the IMG and adjust the iview name to the ZPortal Role IView name.

Hope that makes sense. I've dealt with these problems many times and it's quite difficult to troubleshoot unless you enjoy debugging the URL linking code within CRM.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hello Johnson,

have also a look on this thread:



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Possible reasons for object link issue is,

One to one role mapping between CRM and portal to be maintained. To check that just assign one standard role in the CRM and portal ( Service manager) and verify it.

If it doesn't work for the standard role you can raise an oss message.

Thanks and Regards,

Abdul Raheem .S